Yup, we have winners already! (Zentangle(R)-inspired background art by Jenn Webster)

Well, it sure looks like that very first giveaway of 2019 in which I had set up had got started quick, and then ended quick, and surely it seems that 27 people have entered into the giveaway, and now I announce that 25 winners have been confirmed, and they are: Brenda H., Tess K., Erica H., Donna B., Pamela S., cheryl b., Lynn, Chris F., pam h., Michelle M., Tonya A., michelle, Carol E., Chasity, Wendy H., Melissa, Kirstin S., Janina A., Katherine H., Nick, Michael C., minismom1, Mark, Misty H., and Lisa A.!
My heartfelt congratulations to all 25 of those winners-I hope that you will enjoy your prize just as much as I have the pleasure of writing and illustrating such a wonderful eBook for you! To those who have entered but did not win, I am very sorry that you did not win, but you can purchase your very own digital copy of my eBook, The Sea Centaur, either for your Kindle or your tablet or smartphone device that has got a Kindle app, at this link right here:
Keep your eyes peeled as I am about to start yet another giveaway sometime soon; However this time, it is the other eBook that I have just created back in 2017 and not the recent one. Nonetheless, keep reading this here blog for yet another giveaway sometime soon, and I bet that you folks surely cannot wait for the next one, huh?
In the very meantime, if you would like to purchase your copy of The Sea Centaur, then may I suggest that you go to this link right here; The Sea Centaur is not only written by yours truly, but there happens to be another added bonus: This eBook features cartoon illustrations in which I have drawn 10 years ago, back in 2009 to be exact, back when I was living in Philadelphia; I had been waiting for years to save these drawings for something special, and now I had finally gotten that chance to share them with you in my new Amazon Kindle Edition eBook! Oh, and there is one other special bonus: The Sea Centaur is inspired by a certain fairy tale, one that has captivated readers for years: Yes, that’s right, I am talking about Hans Christian Andersen’s time-honored classic The Little Mermaid! How ’bout that?!
Once again, if you would like to purchase your very own copy of The Sea Centaur, either for your Kindle or your smartphone or tablet device that has got a Kindle app, it is available now at the Amazon Kindle Store by going to this link and once again, congratulations to all 25 winners!

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