The Three Dork-a-Teers…

Not very long ago, I had announced to all of you good ‘ol bloggers and blog followers out there that I had finished causing parody-filled trouble with that crazy space Brit who flies around in that blue elevator of his, er, hers; However, I somehow began to wonder what her three stooges, er, I mean pals, have since been doing since that show is taking a hiatus; Well, we here at KALEIDOSCOPE have just found proof of that those three have been doing print magazine advertisement work, such as…

Yaz-a-ma-taz posing for the cover of Brawny paper towels, and boy, does she look stunning in that beard…
Oh, and here is cute, widdle Wyan all dowwed up in his cute, widdle dipies while hawking cute, widdle Gerber products! 

And last, but ever-so-not least, if one must wonder what Graham Crackers has been doing since the Docky-Wocky went on hiatus, well, here is your answer…


Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk!!!



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