There once was a young, but poor woodcutter, who lived long ago in a worn-out log cabin in the forest; He had been chopping wood for those whom he had served as his customers over the years, but whatever money that he had received from his customers resulted in small payments. The young woodcutter wished with all of his heart that he would have plenty enough money so that he could have a much better place of his own and at least have a much better life.
Then one day, the royal king, a ruler of the kingdom, had announced that his daughter has now turned 21 years of age, and it had now become time for her to be married; He made an announcement that he is holding a wood-cutting contest, and whoever has the best talent in terms of woodcutting shall very well have his daughter’s hand in marriage. The young woodcutter had been told of this event by one of the royal king’s servants, and so, he made plans to set out to the royal palace…

The woodcutter arrived at the royal palace for the woodcutting contest, and then he took one glance at the royal king’s daughter, the royal princess, and he began to fall in love with her; That’s when he began to think that somehow, someway, he had to put his talents to very good use if he would ever win the heart of the royal princess…

Most of the other woodcutters from various villages have practiced their talents in order to show them off at this contest, and so did the young woodcutter; So, they showed the royal princess how they cut their own wood at the contest in the palace…

First, the first woodcutter tried to make a wooden doll by trying to work his way out of doing it-By cutting wood into small, stubby sticks, and then he put them in a clay body! The royal king did not like this kind of performance. Then, it was the 2nd woodcutter’s turn; He had shown his talent for his own woodcutting by cutting his own wood alright, but he cut almost all of the wood into a teeny-weeny wooden teacup! The royal king made a facepalm and asked himself, “What was he thinking?!”
Then the 3rd woodcutter tried to cut his wood into something as best as he possibly could, but then he ended up with…Well, nothing! Alas, the 3rd woodcutter was disqualified.
Then, at last, it was the young woodcutter’s turn. He then got to work on cutting his wood…And then, his creation had turned out to be the most beautiful that one could ever imagine. It was a beautiful lace-like wooden heart, with the word “Love” in the center.

The royal princess began to like what she had seen in the young woodcutter; She began to ask how he had done it, and he replied, “I created it with my creativity that only comes from the heart.” The royal princess was never more thrilled in all of her life, and so was her father, the royal king.
And so, the royal king had proclaimed the young woodcutter the winner, and then he finally offered him the hand of his daughter in marriage; The very next day, the young woodcutter and the royal princess were finally married, and the young woodcutter became the young royal prince, and with that, he had a much more fulfilling and better life.


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