A Visit to The United States Government, One Year from Now…

(Illustration by Jenn Webster)

January 2020…
A mother and her son were paying a visit to Washington, DC, in the hopes that they would visit any historical monuments there…What they found had ultimately opened their eyes to what has just happened a year earlier…
They see the Capitol rotunda, which is now in disrepair, all because of the fact that, since the government has been shut down, many people who have been working for the President and have been furloughed have been out of a job. Then they see that the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol has been as empty as ever since the shutdown began on December 22nd, 2018. Next, they were told that every national park in which many families have visited for years have been closed, and have since been closed for good all because, since the shutdown, visitors have been leaving piles and piles of trash and have wrecked the parks, while leaving a stinking, retching smell.
The mother and her son were then told that, because many TSA workers have been called in sick those many months, many airports have been closed, and because of this, the airlines in which those who have been relying on to go on their vacations, as well as business trips, have all gone bankrupt.

Then they were told that they could no longer get either food stamps or section 8 housing, because since the government shut down in December 2018, they have simply just run out of funding, and therefore, those places that have been a part of the government for so many years have all shut their doors. Now, for some reason, the IRS had been open, but somehow, they do not even know how long they are going to keep open.
And finally, the mother and her son were told that if they were planning on visiting the Smithsonian, they were now fresh out of luck: That, as well as the other museums that have been funded by the government, have now been closed for good, all because they cannot get any funding, because all the President ever cares about is building a wall, a wall that is a symbol of hate; The President had ultimately forgotten how to love, but instead knew all too well how to hate.
Then the mother and her son visited all of the people who have now been homeless because of the fact that section 8 housing had simply just don’t have the money that the government was supposed to give to them, and with that, they have ultimately shut down Section 8 housing programs, leaving many families homeless and so very hungry, and that is because there was simply just isn’t any more money that the government was going to give to SNAP, and that has also been shut down for good.

And then, the mother and her son went to see the White House, and do you want to know what else? That has also been fallen into disrepair, all because the President does not ever care about the most important things that the government does to help people. He cares about absolutely nothing but a stupid wall.
The mother sees all of this clearly now: All of America is now in a pit of disrepair, and it is because the President just kept on sticking to his promise of a wall, a wall of hate, and never caring and inch about our American government.
The son turned to his mother and asked, “Why has the President so very mean to people?” The mother just shook her head and did a facepalm at that answer…

That, my friends, it what would truly happen if we do not act fast to reopen the government; It is up to all of us to pressure our elected officials to keep on pushing to reopen the government, no matter how hard it would take. So please, call, write, or email your elected officials and tell them to pressure our nation’s President to reopen our government right now! Do so before it is all too late. Thank you. With love-JW  




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