If You’ve Enjoyed This Tale, Then There’s More…


Well, I hope that all of you bloggers and blog followers out there have enjoyed this story(you can read it again right here)  And if you would like to delve into more reading fun, here’s great news: My eBook is a picture book that has photos of a city that is ever-so-full of history, and it is entitled DOVER, DELAWARE IN BLACK & WHITE! Dover, the capital of the first state of Delaware, is so very rich in history, and this eBook is a photographic, monochromatic tour of the capital of the first state that ratified the constitution on December 7th, 1787.
DOVER, DELAWARE IN BLACK & WHITE makes a great digital gift for that special someone, or anybody who just loves, loves, history; I hope that they would be pleased by the beautiful black-and-white photos of the many wonderful things that make the capital of the first state, Dover, Delaware, such a delightful experience.
To order DOVER, DELAWARE IN BLACK & WHITE, either for your Kindle or your tablet or smartphone device that has got a Kindle app, then please go to this link right here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077KCLVXP Let me tell you: You have never seen Dover, Delaware until you have seen it in black and white! Order your digital copy today!

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