Hey, if that ain’t brain freeze, then what is?!

Yeah, I know that it’s the winter, but I am thinking that it won’t ever last long; Just think about it: Before you know it, warm weather shall make a comeback again, and soon, you all shall be noshing on those summertime foods again, especially sno-cones…
So, what are sno-cones, you ask? It’s a simple answer if you ask me: It’s shaved ice that is put in a paper cone or foam cup while topped with flavored syrup, therefore cooling your whole body off while you enjoy the sno-cone.
But how did the sno-cone came to be, you might ask again? Well, it actually got started during the American Industrial Revolution in the 1850s; And in New York, there was such a thing as ice houses, and they would commonly sell ice to such places as Florida. In order to send the ice to Florida, for example, ice houses would send a wagon with a huge block of ice south. The journey to Florida would then pass right through Baltimore where the children would run up to the wagon and then ask for just a small scraping of ice. Then later, mothers would make flavoring in anticipation of their children receiving some ice. Thus, the women would make the very first flavor that would go on to become a Baltimore favorite: Egg Custard.

The snowball had gained popularity in the 1870s, and it had risen so high in popularity in the summer months that theaters would sell them to keep their patrons cool. Much later, during the Great Depression and World War II, snowballs would then become available outside of Baltimore. By that time, snowballs had become so very cheap that they have become one of the few treats that people could ever afford. Thus, they were nicknamed “Hard Times Sundae” as well as “Penny Sunday”.
Today, sno-cones are still being served, and they are available in one form or another, such as water ice, slushie, and popular brand names such as Icee, Slush Puppie, and Slurpee.
And so, that is how the sno-cone came to be; For those of you who can’t wait that long for the warmer weather to come, I suggest that you make some snowballs in the snow and save them to make sno-cones for when that time comes…


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