Cough, Cough, Cough…

You know, you try and simply manage your job, as well as your writing, art and such, and then numerous pressures mount, such as the fact that I am doing my taxes for the very first time, and it all becomes a cauldron of stress so bad enough that one such as myself begins to…(COUGHS) See what I mean?

While I was at work this past week, on a Friday, I began to have coughing spells; And then, on Saturday morning, I took a shower, and then afterwards I put vapor rub on my chin to see if it would help with the coughing. All of a sudden, I continued coughing, which can only mean one thing: I might be getting that common cold!

An I think I know exactly just what that feeling reminds me of: Back in 2016, when my family and I first moved to Felton, Delaware, I had gotten sick with this common cold, not once, not twice, but FOUR stinkin’ times! Can you imagine that?! Four times I had been struck with the common cold…

Now, last year I did not had any multiple common colds, I think mainly it’s because I had been doing some relaxing and hobbies before I had taken on my job as a food service cleaner; But in the here and now, I have this common cold, but somehow, I think that it is going away, which I think the reason is that I have been taking medicine for it. But a cold just does not ever go away overnight: They say that it takes 7 to 10 days to get rid of a cold, so with that, I am going to take this a little at a time…And yes, I still have to go to work, ’cause after all, I need the money so that I could have my own place to live in, as well as other important things…

I’ll just have to cover my mouth when I cough and/or sneeze…

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