You have no idea how many times this has happened to me before…

    I have been trying to do my best to bring you the most wonderfully fun stuff right at this here blog, KALEIDOSCOPE (; But unfortunately, whenever an illness comes along, such as a cold in which I had been suffering from and is now going away, I just simply put things off and just relax until whatever illness I have subsides. That’s exactly what yours truly had this past week-First, I had developed a cough at work, and then that cough escalated into something that would lead to the cold, which happens to be a big cough. Right afterward, my uncle and aunt had gotten me cough syrup as well as cough drops, so that medicine helped…
And then I started sneezing, yet I had been carrying on in my job as a food service cleaner at Sodexo at the Patterson Dining Facility at the Dover Air Force Base. And yes, in case you folks have been wondering, I am around food, so whenever I cough and/or sneeze, I cover my mouth so that the germs should not ever get into the food because that would make the people quite sick if I do such a stupid thing like that…

 And yes, due to my cold illness, I had been taking time off from blog-posting, but I am getting well, and I am hoping that I would continue to get well, because I have a lot of things for my blog in which I have to write, illustrate, and then publish, and do you want to know why? Because it is the month of February, and February means Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and other things…Oh, and did I mention that with Valentine’s Day, there’s chocolate involved?

 Anyhoo, I love to write and share special things with you all, because after all, it’s one of the special things that I enjoy doing best: Entertain you with the stuff I write and publish for you almost every day at KALEIDOSCOPE: And I have a feeling that there might be very special things coming your way at this here blog, though only I know what they are! But as for you, keep watching…
In the meantime, please enjoy more of the same fun stuff right here at KALEIDOSCOPE at



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