A Twist on Words…

(Zentangle(R)-inspired frame art by Jenn Webster)

A funny thing happened to me at work the other day; While I was doing the cleaning, I looked at not one, but two menus; One was placed up above that said “Nation’s Hot Dogs”, while the other menu had a heading that said, “Welcome to Hot Dog Nation”.
I began shaking my head, and thought to myself, “How the heck can they twist words suddenly? Can’t they just stick with that hot dog menu that Sodexo has?” But I guess that those chefs prefer having to name that menu, which they feature I think every other week, in their own, special way…For example, Sodexo’s every-other-week menu that concerns hot dogs is called, “Nation’s Hot Dogs”; Those at the dining facility where I work, prefer to call it “Hot Dog Nation”. “Nation’s Hot Dogs”/ “Hot Dog Nation”-Hey, what gives with the twisting of names, here? Couldn’t they just stick to what Sodexo calls “Nation’s Hot Dogs”? If they want to name their bi-weekly menu something else, then there is no need for me to stop them…
Since we are on the subject of name-twisting, there have been so many goofball names in recent years: Names such as “Staycation”, “Vacay”, “Freebie”, “BOGO” and so many others…That kind of wording makes one thing whatever happened to those good ‘ol words of yesteryear…

    What is so very much special about the usage of the power of words is because it helps people learn, as well as to help focus/concentrate on what one should be doing; The power of words helps us follow what directions we should be doing in order to do things right. And if we follow the power of words, then we can be smarter and much better people that we should become. And these are certainly words that we should be living by.

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