Punch In, Punch Out-GRRR!!!

Someone, or I think it was just me, had said that if I could just simply concentrate on doing one chore and then simply go on and do the next one, and then another, another, and then another, then you shall be proud that you have done the work in your job in which you are supposed to do, and indeed, I have been quite the busy bee the other day, putting my focus on the work in which I should be doing…

However, in the midst of doing my work, there was one thing that had got me so very frustrated😣, and that has to do with the time clock, as in trying to punch out in one. I have been trying to punch out for my lunch break with that time clock using my pointing finger in my right hand, but no matter how hard I try, it just keeps on saying, “Invalid badge”. I became so frustrated at this that I began to storm out for lunch, but then one of my co-workers stopped me and showed me the proper way how to use a time clock, and told me that if I had problems with punching in/punching out, that I should go to my boss, in which I did, and she said to me to not worry about it…

Of course, after everything was settled out, I did do the punching in/punching out thing on that machine right yesterday, but I would very much like to tell you that sometimes you try to punch in/out with that time clock, and then you position your finger wrong, and then the machine would tell you that the badge, or finger position, is invalid. I do not have any idea why, but it’s true…

And there are going to be times when it gets a little hard to focus on your work when there are a lot of things on your mind, things such as my family’s strange emotional behavior; Well, I cannot put my foot on how to exactly describe it, but let me give you an example: My family has loud voices, and they swear like sailors at certain times. They get irritable, and then they heat up their voices when they have arguments, but all of a sudden, somehow they calm down.

And do you want to know something else? That’s the way how my family acts, and I am guessing that the reason they act like this is that they act that way out of something called fear; Yes, it’s true-My family is scared of certain things in this life, scared that anything in their lives would go wrong that would put their lives as well as their plans off course. Now, I do not want them to act or even behave that way out of fear for anything in their lives, but what else can I ever do? I wish that I could just tell them to come to me and just explain each and every problem to me, but it seems that they just won’t let me do so…

Anyway, those thoughts of worry over my family behaving strangely in an emotional sense, as well as other concerns, can sometimes make my job at where I work a little hard for me to focus on what I should be doing…but somehow I find something that would keep my mind distracted while I work, and that is quietly singing to myself while I do the work. Now, I know that it sounds corny🌽, but at least it keeps me happy as well as productive. You see, even in times of stress, whether large or small, work is the best solution, as well as quietly singing to yourself!

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