Into the Snow…

It is only a few weeks to go, I think, before winter finally comes to an end, and something tells me that although the groundhog may have stated that spring is just around the corner when he did not see his shadow, Old Man Winter, it seems, does not want to ever leave…

Before I headed out the door yesterday, my uncle spoke to me that the schools are closed due to the oncoming snow, so he thought he would drive me to work, and I said that I would be alright, and that I would just take the bus…

So I headed out the door and walked all the way to the bus stop, as I walked along the way, I looked up at the sky and nothing in the sky was doing anything as of yet; An hour and a half later, I got on one of the buses that would take me to the visitor’s center at the Dover Air Force Base, and as I finally got off the bus and started walking to get my ID checked, it has already started snowing, and it had snowed pretty hard so far as I waited at the donut shop for the time to walk to work.

So it turns out that I was lucky again this time, for if I had decided that I would let my uncle drive me to work, then things for me would be quite different, as in if my uncle drove me to work while it had been snowing, well, I really do not want to say what would happen next…

Throughout my shift at work yesterday, the snow continued falling, and when it was over for another day, the changeover had been made to rain…What a lovely change!

Hopefully, spring would come around as soon as possible…

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