Jenn W. Does Her Taxes…REALLY?!

(Background art by yours truly!)

    Now that I have the job that I have been waiting for as a food service worker last year, the next thing that yours truly gets to do is to file her taxes for the very first time…Yes, it is kind of surprising to believe, but it is true, I had just filed my taxes for the very first time.
I had gotten a W-2 not very long ago, and I have used it to file my taxes for the year of 2018, even though I have been working for the past four months; In the preparation of filing for my taxes, I had gotten a new software called TurboTax, and this is supposed to help you file your taxes fast and easy…Well, the reason that my first-time tax filing was easy this year was that I was single and had no children, but I still had that job that I finally had.
Now, long before I had began to work for the first time, I did not have to worry about filing for any taxes because I did not have a job then and that I had just begun as an author; But then, I began to have some thoughts about what it would be like to have a tax refund, and of course it would be nice to have that extra special bonus as a tax refund, because then I would spend that refund on anything that I would like, or want…

But now, I have a job, as a food service worker, meaning cleaner, for a company called Sodexo at the Patterson Dining Facility at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, DE; And with the fact that I finally have that job, comes that certain time when one must do his or her taxes, and there was no better way for me to do my taxes for the very first time than right now: This past weekend I finally filed my taxes. While some people would somehow traditionally wait until April 15th to submit their taxes for this past year of 2018(YOW!), I did the wise, smart thing and filed my taxes quite earlier, in the late of February. If you folks want to file your taxes next year, may I please suggest and please file them early instead of April 15th? Yes, I know it is a pain, but in the end it shall all be worth it.
Right after I had finally finished filing my taxes, the software, TurboTax, told me that I would be getting a measly refund…Hey, I know I said measly, but only it’s because I had been working for four months, and by measly I meant not too big. But hey, it is something that is worth it for doing something very important for the very first time…
And yes, in the end, my tax return was accepted and that I should get my refund check in the mail in a few weeks.

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