What is There More to Love Than Just KALEIDOSCOPE?


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I very much hope that all of you are enjoying KALEIDOSCOPE on this Valentine’s Day; But did you know that you can also visit my other online places, too?
Yes, that’s right: There is the companion blog, SWIRLING COLORS, and you can pay that a visit at http://www.itsjennw.tumblr.com. Then, there happens to be another blog that I do, and that is called The World of Jenn Webster, and it is over at Goodreads, and you can check it out right here!
And yes, in case you missed any of the news from yesterday, I made an announcement that my podcast, KALEIDOSCOPE Time, is launching a brand-new season, its second, on March 15th; You can find all of the complete details right here!

You know, folks, the most wonderful thing about Valentine’s Day is that you get to share your love of what you do with all of the world and I am so very grateful as well as blessed for having me share my talents with all of you bloggers and blog followers out there, and others who visit my blog almost every day! You have made this Valentine’s Day so very special to me, and I for one would not ever have it any other way…
A very happy and blessed Valentine’s Day to one and all, with love-JW


Punch In, Punch Out-GRRR!!!

Someone, or I think it was just me, had said that if I could just simply concentrate on doing one chore and then simply go on and do the next one, and then another, another, and then another, then you shall be proud that you have done the work in your job in which you are supposed to do, and indeed, I have been quite the busy bee the other day, putting my focus on the work in which I should be doing…

However, in the midst of doing my work, there was one thing that had got me so very frustrated😣, and that has to do with the time clock, as in trying to punch out in one. I have been trying to punch out for my lunch break with that time clock using my pointing finger in my right hand, but no matter how hard I try, it just keeps on saying, “Invalid badge”. I became so frustrated at this that I began to storm out for lunch, but then one of my co-workers stopped me and showed me the proper way how to use a time clock, and told me that if I had problems with punching in/punching out, that I should go to my boss, in which I did, and she said to me to not worry about it…

Of course, after everything was settled out, I did do the punching in/punching out thing on that machine right yesterday, but I would very much like to tell you that sometimes you try to punch in/out with that time clock, and then you position your finger wrong, and then the machine would tell you that the badge, or finger position, is invalid. I do not have any idea why, but it’s true…

And there are going to be times when it gets a little hard to focus on your work when there are a lot of things on your mind, things such as my family’s strange emotional behavior; Well, I cannot put my foot on how to exactly describe it, but let me give you an example: My family has loud voices, and they swear like sailors at certain times. They get irritable, and then they heat up their voices when they have arguments, but all of a sudden, somehow they calm down.

And do you want to know something else? That’s the way how my family acts, and I am guessing that the reason they act like this is that they act that way out of something called fear; Yes, it’s true-My family is scared of certain things in this life, scared that anything in their lives would go wrong that would put their lives as well as their plans off course. Now, I do not want them to act or even behave that way out of fear for anything in their lives, but what else can I ever do? I wish that I could just tell them to come to me and just explain each and every problem to me, but it seems that they just won’t let me do so…

Anyway, those thoughts of worry over my family behaving strangely in an emotional sense, as well as other concerns, can sometimes make my job at where I work a little hard for me to focus on what I should be doing…but somehow I find something that would keep my mind distracted while I work, and that is quietly singing to myself while I do the work. Now, I know that it sounds corny🌽, but at least it keeps me happy as well as productive. You see, even in times of stress, whether large or small, work is the best solution, as well as quietly singing to yourself!

Get Set for Fun Over the Airwaves Soon… (Podcast Airwaves, that is!)


I am betting that most of you bloggers and blog followers out there have not heard what I have done this past year, so here it is once more: Last year, I have started my very own podcast that is based on this here blog, and it is called KALEIDOSCOPE Time; This podcast can be heard over at that wonderful podcast website Anchor.fm, and if you want to take a listen to the first season of my podcast, then please head on over to www.anchor.fm/kaleidoscope-time. But here is the best thing: Not only is this podcast heard over on Anchor.fm as well as the Anchor.fm app (oh, and may I suggest that you listen to my podcast when you download the Anchor.fm app, please?), but KALEIDOSCOPE Time can also be heard on other platforms such as Google Play Music and Stitcher! Isn’t that a wonderfully cool thing for me to have people hear my cute, widdle voice?!
And now, here is the best news in which I share with all of you now: Beginning March 15th, a brand-new season of KALEIDOSCOPE Time shall begin over at Anchor.fm! Yes, soon, you shall be hearing a brand-new season of all of the fun and excitement that this most COLORFUL podcast on the planet can ever bring to you, and this season is going to be just as fun as ever, because in this upcoming new season, each new episode of KALEIDOSCOPE Time is going to have a theme, and you would surely be surprised at what kind of theme that yours truly should bring to the table!
So it is with that that I suggest that all of you bloggers, blog followers, and all of you podcast listeners out there mark all your calendars for Friday, March 15th, when yours truly shall begin a wonderfully wonderful new season of that most COLORFUL podcast on the planet, based on this here most COLORFUL blog on the planet, KALEIDOSCOPE Time!

    Until that certain time, if you missed any of the 13 episodes of the brand-new season, you can catch up on all of them by going to www.anchor.fm/kaleidoscope-time; Or you can listen to my podcast at the Anchor.fm app, in which you can download for free at either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store! Oh, and you can also listen to my podcast over at other great platforms such as Google Play Music and Stitcher!
I hope that you folks are ready for a rainbow of fun on March 15th when yours truly starts a brand-new season of KALEIDOSCOPE Time, over at www.anchor.fm!


What the Heck is a Keto Diet?!

(Zentangle(R)-inspired illustration by Jenn Webster)

There happens to be a kind of dieting trend that is going around as of late, and I think that you followers of that certain diet know what that is: It is called the Keto diet…Yes, that’s right, you heard me, the KETO diet, K-E-T-O: Sounds like a Marx Brothers name or something!
Anyhoo, the real name for this Keto diet is called the ketogenic diet, and this diet is a high-fat, adequate, low-carbohydrate one, and that in medicine is used to primarily treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children (yes, it is true). Rather than burn carbohydrates, the Keto diet forces the body to burn fats; In a normal sense, the carbohydrates that are contained in the food are then converted into glucose and is then transported around the body, and when it comes to fueling brain function, that is particularly important.
While evidence suggests that the Keto diet may be right for adults with epilepsy, there may also be downsides to the Keto diet, as in possible side effects that include high cholesterol, kidney stones, growth slowing, and constipation.

The ketogenic diet, or keto to those in the dietary know, has quite a backstory, so we must go back many years to find out how it all came to be: The treatment of epilepsy has been dating far back in history, beginning with physicians in ancient Greece, in which they treated such diseases by altering their patients’ diet. It was in France in 1911 that such treatment for epilepsy began, as in the form of the first modern study of fasting; 20 all-ages epilepsy patients consumed a low-calorie vegetarian diet, and then were “detoxified”, but not before having periods of fasting and purging.
Much later the ketogenic diet would become a mainstream dietary therapy developed to help reproduce the success while removing the limitations of the non-mainstream use of fasting to treat epilepsy. Despite the fact that that it became popular in the 1920s as well as the 1930s, the keto diet became abandoned and replaced by new drugs of the anticonvulsant kind.

       It was not until 1921 that a man by the name of Rollin Turner Woodyatt began reviewing research on diabetes and diet, reporting that b-hydroxybutyrate, acetoacetate, and acetone, three water-soluble compounds, had been produced by the liver in otherwise healthy people either when they are starved or that they consumed a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. At the famous Mayo Clinic (in which I plan on doing a post about the history of in the future), Dr. Russell Morse Wilder began building on this research and then began coining the term “ketogenic diet”, in which describes a diet that would produce a high level of ketone bodies in the blood through an excess of fat and lack of carbohydrate.
Many years later, in October of 1994, the ketogenic diet began to achieve national media exposure; It was on the NBC News show Dateline that the son of Hollywood producer Jim Abrahams, Charlie, who is 2 years old at the time, had suffered from epilepsy that mainstream and alternative therapies cannot control. It was right there then that Abrahams discovered a reference to the keto diet in an epilepsy guide for parents, and then he brought his son to John M. Freeman at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. The hospital continued to offer the therapy, and under the diet, Charlie Abrahams epilepsy was controlled rapidly while his developmental progress resumed.
That moment had inspired Jim Abrahams to create a charity called the Charlie Foundation to help promote the diet and to fund research; In 1997, Abrahams would produce a TV movie entitled …First Do No Harm, about a young boy’s epilepsy being successfully treated by that keto diet. The movie starred Meryl Streep.

       Now, I am not saying that the keto diet is for everyone; There are some people who might be daring enough to try the diet while others might be skeptical about it; And yes, there happen to be complications that come with the diet. Short-term side effects, which are common but easily treatable, include constipation, hypoglycemia, and low-grade acidosis. And yes, those who use the keto diet in the long term, especially in children, it increases the risk of stunted or even slowed growth, as well as kidney stones and bone fractures; The diet even reduces the levels of something called insulin-like growth factor 1, which happens to be so very important in terms of childhood growth.

       There happens to be more to the keto diet story than this post covers, so if you would like to learn a whole lot more about the ketogenic diet, or keto, please visit this link right here.



A Twist on Words…

(Zentangle(R)-inspired frame art by Jenn Webster)

A funny thing happened to me at work the other day; While I was doing the cleaning, I looked at not one, but two menus; One was placed up above that said “Nation’s Hot Dogs”, while the other menu had a heading that said, “Welcome to Hot Dog Nation”.
I began shaking my head, and thought to myself, “How the heck can they twist words suddenly? Can’t they just stick with that hot dog menu that Sodexo has?” But I guess that those chefs prefer having to name that menu, which they feature I think every other week, in their own, special way…For example, Sodexo’s every-other-week menu that concerns hot dogs is called, “Nation’s Hot Dogs”; Those at the dining facility where I work, prefer to call it “Hot Dog Nation”. “Nation’s Hot Dogs”/ “Hot Dog Nation”-Hey, what gives with the twisting of names, here? Couldn’t they just stick to what Sodexo calls “Nation’s Hot Dogs”? If they want to name their bi-weekly menu something else, then there is no need for me to stop them…
Since we are on the subject of name-twisting, there have been so many goofball names in recent years: Names such as “Staycation”, “Vacay”, “Freebie”, “BOGO” and so many others…That kind of wording makes one thing whatever happened to those good ‘ol words of yesteryear…

    What is so very much special about the usage of the power of words is because it helps people learn, as well as to help focus/concentrate on what one should be doing; The power of words helps us follow what directions we should be doing in order to do things right. And if we follow the power of words, then we can be smarter and much better people that we should become. And these are certainly words that we should be living by.


From Psalm 138(NLT):

(Photo collage illustration by Jenn Webster)

I give You thanks, O LORD, with all my heart; I will sing your praises before the gods. I now before Your holy Temple as I worship. I praise Your name for Your unfailing love and faithfulness; for Your promises are backed by all the honor of Your name.

As soon as I pray, You answer me; You encourage me by giving me strength. Every king in all the earth will thank You, LORD, for all of them will hear Your words.

Yes, they will sing about the LORD’s ways, for the glory of the LORD is very great. Though the LORD is great, He cares for the humble, but He keeps His distance from the proud. Though I am surrounded by troubles, You will protect me from the anger of my enemies. You reach out Your hand, and the power of Your right hand saves me.

The LORD will work out His plans for my life-for Your faithful love, O LORD, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for You made me.