COME, FOLLOW JESUS: “Adam, Eve, and Lent”

Genesis 3

“The LORD is King! He is robed in majesty. Indeed, the LORD is robed in majesty and armed with strength. The world stands firm and cannot be shaken.” (Psalm 93:1, NLT) (Zentangle(R)-inspired illustration by Jenn Webster)

We are still into the Lenten season, a season in which Christians should put their focus on their faith, and the reason of why we have that faith in Jesus Christ in the first place, due to the fact that He has shed His blood for each and every one of us? Well, that is supposed to be the focus of Lent to begin with: to put our focusing minds on the fact that, because God loves us so very much that He has found a way to save us while showing that He loves us, has sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to take our place as punishment for our sins, dying on the cross at a certain place called Calvary, and then has been risen from the dead on the third day, defeating death when He went out of that cold, dark tomb, so that each of us could very well have life eternal.
     Yes, it is because of that sacrificial love that God had for us in which our freedom has been purchased with Christ’s blood on the cross that Lent should be a time to focus on the fact that we have been saved, and that we should share that Gospel with others. Now, there happens to be another reason why we should focus on the Lord God during Lent: Our very first parents, Adam and Eve, have tried their darndest to follow the Lord God’s orders; What happened next is explained in the third chapter of Genesis 3(NLT); the devil, in the form of a serpent, asked Eve if God really said she must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden, and Eve replied that it is only the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden and that they must not eat it or even touch it, because if they do, they shall surely die. 

     Of course, the serpent became such a liar, because he is, after all, the father of lies; He lied to Eve and told her, “You won’t die…God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.” Eve then began to believe his trickery, and then she ate the fruit, and then later gave some to her husband; And then, you know what happens next-God learned of Adam and Eve’s sin, and then He cursed the ground as well as the serpent, and then He banished Adam and Eve from that garden called Eden, then later experiencing pain, suffering, and toil…

My friends, that was how sin had been brought into the world by Adam & Eve; who disobeyed God, thus they both have sinned; However, we would end up in this dark world of sin forever had it not been for the fact that God offered us something that would save every one of us, and to bring us back to Himself. That something is Jesus Christ. “(Jesus) humbled Himself in obedience to God and died a criminal’s death on a cross.” (Philippians 2:8) That means that Jesus took the place of a criminal and died in the criminal’s place, thus while shedding His blood to wash our souls clean of sin, and to save us from the brutal punishment that we otherwise deserve. “(Jesus) canceled the record of the charges against us and took it away by nailing into the cross.” (Colossians 2:14) that means that Jesus canceled our debts for us on the cross, so that, “Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to His cross and crucified them there.” (Galatians 5:24) So it is with that that when Jesus died on the cross to save you from your sins, He has saved you from the ultimate punishment because He has nailed all of your sinful nature in your past on the cross! My friends, this season of Lent is the perfect time to rethink your life and to make the most ultimate decision of all: Giving your very own heart to Jesus Christ!
     Now, those of you who have just started to read this message just now have been going through the most painful times in your life right now, things such as a loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a divorce, a relationship breakup, or any other such crisis, and that you have been trying to soothe those pains with every kind of vice imaginable: Drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, etc.; Let me tell you something: Those things may be temporary, but they do not ever make you happy, and instead only bring you as much more misery and pain as before!

My dearest friends, if you want to really be truly happy, then I suggest that you do not look any further than the cross of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, because He is the only One who saves you, and how does he save you? By allowing Himself to be whipped, beaten, then forced to carry, and then nailed to, suffering, bleeding, and then dying on the cross and then rose again from the dead three days later to save YOU from your sins! There is no better time to reach out your heart to Jesus Christ than right now! This Lenten season, won’t you reach out to Christ?

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent His Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through Him.” (John 3:16-17)
     So, are you ready to ask the Lord God to repent, and to ask His Son to come into your heart? You can do this right now-Please pray this prayer with me: “Oh, Lord God, I admit that I am a poor, miserable sinner. I believe that Your Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for me, and that You have raised Him from the dead on the third day, defeating death so that I could very well have eternal life. I ask now that You please forgive me of my sins, and have Your Son to come into my heart, and to follow Him always as my personal Savior. I thank You so very much from the bottom of my heart for allowing You Son to sacrifice Himself to save me. In His name. Amen.”
     If you have just prayed this prayer with me, then I would very much like to welcome YOU into God’s Great, Big Family! Now, the very next thing that you need to do now that you have given your heart to Jesus Christ would be to read the Holy Bible, God’s Most Blessed Word, each and every day of your life. And then, when you need to praise, worship, and to thank our Lord for sending His Son to die for you, then I very well suggest that you go to a good, Christian church each and every Sunday of your life, and when you can, try and visit the mid-week services at church too. I very much hope that you would make this most blessed choice of all time by following Christ Jesus today, for always. I would very much like to thank you all for reading my message today; Until the very next time, may the Lord God ever so richly bless you.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen.


From Psalm 93(NLT):

(Zentangle ®-inspired illustration by Jenn Webster)

The LORD is King! He is robed in majesty. Indeed, the LORD is robed in majesty and armed with strength. The world stands firm and cannot be shaken.

Your throne, O LORD, has stood from time immemorial. You Yourself are from the everlasting past. The floods have risen up, O LORD. The floods have roared like thunder; the floods have lifted their pounding waves.

But mighter than the violent raging of the seas, mightier than the breakers on the shore-the LORD above is mightier than these! Your royal laws cannot be changed. Your reign, O LORD, is holy forever and ever.

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The Story of Sodexo…


      As most of you who have visited my blog in the past have already known, I have just started my job this past year as a food service cleaner (that’s CLEANER, not WORKER) at a company called Sodexo that is placed at the Patterson Dining Facility at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware; Since I had gotten that job, I have been trying to find some time to write a backstory on this company. I investigated Wikipedia to find out about Sodexo, and I am surprised to find out what that company is all about. So without further ado, here is Sodexo’s story…
Sodexo was founded by a French man by the name of Pierre Bellon in a town in France called Marseilles, in 1966; The company was then launched in 1977, and this food service company has been serving schools, hospitals, and company restaurants under a different French name called Societe d’Expliotation Hoteliere; In English, it’s called Hotel Services Corporation.
Sodexo expanded not just in France but internationally throughout the 1970s, and then in 1983, after an initial public offering on the Paris Bourse, the firm continued expanding in North America, as well as Japan, South America, Russia, and South Africa.

       As to how Sodexo itself works, well, here it is: The offerings that Sodexo has ranged from the operations that come with food service, include catering, staff restaurants, vending, meal delivery, and executive dining. The company also has services that involve laundry, pantry, waste management, groundskeeping, and yes, cleaning. public authorities, as well as companies, are provided by Sodexo with meal passes, mobility passes, restaurant vouchers, book cards, training vouchers, and leisure passes.
As for that “Quality of Life” slogan that Sodexo has always cherished, well, Bellon, Sodexo’s founder, understood that the key driver of performance is the quality of life, so it was with that that the slogan came to be: “Sodexo-Quality of Life Services”.
I have also paid a visit to the company’s website,, and I have found that it happens to be a very interesting website, so if you would like to pay it’s company’s website a visit, then, by all means, do so!

Super Self-Service: The Story of the Supermarket

Long before anyone ever heard of online shopping, there was the supermarket, and what is a supermarket, you ask? It’s very simple-It is a self-service shop that offers a wide variety of food, as well as household products and beverages.

The supermarket got its start due to a man by the name of Vincent Astor; He began to develop a concept of an expensive food market that would rely on large economies of scale. In 1915, Vincent founded Astor Market, at the corner of 95th and Broadway in Manhattan in New York City, and in effect, it has created an open-air mini-mall that sold meat, produce, fruit, and even flowers, but two years later, it failed to attract customers, even those from ten blocks away, so that very first supermarket closed.

In 1916, an entrepreneur by the name of Clarence Saunders developed the concept of a self-service grocery store, and with that, the Piggly Wiggly was born; The stores became a financial success, and then Saunders began offering franchises. The very first self-service grocery stores did not offer produce or even fresh meats, but in the 1920s, there came the development of combination stores that sell perishable items.

If history is right (and then again, it always is), then be it so, because the very first true United States supermarket by a man by the name of Michael J. Cullen began to open it’s doors on August 4th, 1930, inside a Jamaica, Queens garage in New York City. That store was called King Kullen, and it operated under the slogan, “Pile it high, Sell it low”; 17 King Kullen Stores had been in operation by the time of Cullen’s death in 1936.

Many decades later, the supermarket has and still continues to dominate the American business, even though it has been in competition in recent years with online retailers. Now, I bet that most of you foodies out there have been wondering as to how a supermarket actually works, and do you want to know something else? It is ever-so-very simple, I think: Supermarkets typically have isles for produce, meat, baked goods, and dairy. There are other shelves that would leave space in which would be reserved for packaged as well as canned goods, but not only that, they can also store non-food items such as pharmacy products, kitchenware, pet supplies, and household cleaners. Other supermarkets sell such other non-food items as DVDs, board games, sporting equipment (REALLY?!?), and of course, al-key-hol (where permitted)…

There is a whole lot more to cover about the history of the supermarket than what this here post has provided you with, so may I very well suggest that you visit Wikipedia and just look up “supermarket”!


(Zentangle(R)-inspired background art by Jenn Webster)

How many of you bloggers and blog followers out there have enjoyed going to that certain place called KFC, formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken? Well, if you have, then I have got a story to tell that explains all about the history of one of America’s most famous fast-food chains…
     Kentucky Fried Chicken got its start as Sanders Court & Cafe in North Corbin, Kentucky on March 20th, 1930; It was founded by a man by the name of Harland Sanders, or as the fans call him, “Colonel Sanders”. The restaurant’s very first franchise was in Salt Lake City, Utah, on September 24th, 1952; KFC happens to be the second largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s, as measured by sales, with, as of December 2018, has 22,621 locations globally in 136 countries. It is owned by the same company that also owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Wing Street chains, a company called Yum! Brands. Colonel Harland Sanders was an American businessman; During the Great Depression, he began to sell fried chicken in his Corbin, Kentucky roadside restaurant, and not only that, but he also identified the potential of the whole, entire restaurant franchising concept. So with that, he opened the very first franchise that is “Kentucky Fried Chicken” in 1952 in Utah; The fried chicken became popular in the fast food industry thanks to KFC and even challenged the dominance once established by the hamburger. Harland even became a figure of American culture by branding himself as “Colonel Sanders”, in which his image is still used widely in KFC advertisements to this very day.

The original product that has made KFC so very well known for so many years happens to be the chicken pieces of the pressure-fried kind, Sanders’ recipe that is seasoned with 11 herbs and spices; That kind of recipe was and is the restaurant chain’s most closely-guarded trade secret.
     One of the popular features of KFC is the cardboard “bucket”; It had been introduced by a franchisee by the name of Pete Harman in 1957. That bucket serves larger portions of the fried chicken that KFC has become so very well known for all of those years.
     Now, in the early years, I think, Kentucky Fried Chicken serves fried chicken, but in the early 1990s and then on ever since, the menu of KFC has expanded to offer other such chicken products as chicken wraps as well as chicken fillet sandwiches, not to mention side dishes and salads, soft drinks and desserts, in which the former is supplied by PepsiCo. Besides its most famous fried chicken, KFC is known for its slogans, the most famous one being, “It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good!”

Kentucky Fried Chicken became one of the first fast-food restaurants to expand around the world, in outlets that have since opened in places like Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, and even the United Kingdom…(Oh, them wacky Brits like fried chicken too, hmmm?!)
     KFC was also best known for its advertising too; The restaurant’s early slogans were: “North America’s Hospitality Dish” and “We fix Sunday dinner seven nights a week”. But the most popular slogan was and is the one that is first introduced in 1956, and would since go on to become one of the 20th century’s best-known and best-loved slogans; What slogan is it, you ask? Easy-”It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good!”
Here is the earliest commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken:




A few weeks ago, I had announced that I shall be shutting down my blog, KALEIDOSCOPE (, and that I would be leaving WordPress near the end of June to focus on my food service cleaning job as well as being an author; I had been trying to figure out what kind of exact date in the month of June in which I would be saying goodbye to WordPress and blogging, and it looks like that I had finally found the exact date for the month of June, and so with that, here it is: Mark your calendars, all of you bloggers and blog followers out there for Friday, June 14th, 2019, because that is the official date of my farewell to WordPress.

    Now, truthfully, I really would like to stick around for a few more years and to provide you with more of the same kind of wonderful stuff that I have always provided you since the launch of my blog on November 13th, 2012, but the truth of the matter is that I have been struggling in recent years to come up with new ideas for blog posts, due to the fact that I now have a job, and with the full focus on my job, that creative well has started to run dry.
There also happens to be one other reason: Writing and publishing posts almost each and every day may be a very nice hobby in itself, but since I had gotten that job as food service cleaner, that other job of writing and publishing posts has become tough, not only due to lack of new ideas, but it has also become time-consuming. Plus, I have just started becoming an author a couple of years ago, and so with food service cleaning and the fact that I am also now an author in front of me, it has forced me to have no choice but to completely focus on those two things.

So it was with that that I have decided to leave WordPress and to quit blogging after 6-½ years, and I have made that announcement a few weeks ago about this, and now I have set the official date for my farewell, and that is Friday, June 14th. In the meantime, I very much hope that you folks will join me in the few months prior to my goodbye to WordPress as I prepare to write and publish special posts about the things that have helped make my blog so very special for all of those 6-½ years. I am so very grateful that WordPress has helped me to learn how to and to grow in learning how to write and create things; And if and when any of my planned books becomes a success, then hopefully someday I shall have that certain family to thank for helping me out all of those years, the family known as WordPress.