Hey, whatcha think of my digital art illustration? Pretty neat, huh?

Now, before I get started, let me tell you what happened yesterday…Yes, I went out in the snow to go to work, just as I had done a week ago, I think; I was indeed snowing, and because it had been snowing, the bus that I catch to work almost every day was running a little late. Before I continue, I would like to state that I take three buses to work: There are three DART buses, and the first bus I take is the 117, which goes from Felton, Delaware to the Camden Walmart. Then from there, I catch the 104 DART bus, and then wall ALLLL the way from the Kent General Hospital to between Babb Drive and Lady Bug Drive in Dover, DE to get the 106 DART bus that would take me to the Dover Air Force Base, and there, I would walk to my job as a food service cleaner for Sodexo at the Patterson Dining Facility.
Anyhoo, getting back to my little explanation, the 117 DART bus finally made it to my stop, even though it was a little late, and then it almost missed me, and like an idiot, I yelled for the driver to wait and stop; Finally, I got on.
And then, I had missed the 104 DART bus because I was late due to the snow, but since I won’t be going into work until about 11 AM, I figured that I would just browse around Walmart, in which I did. And then finally, I got on the next 104 DART bus, and I do not think I do not want to tell you the rest…
However, I do want to change gears and to tell you what had happened to me at work this past week, which involves a very hard lesson that I have learned well…

Even with my menstrual period, I have tried to keep my calm in the midst of my job in which I am doing as you are reading this…You see, I have been in this job for almost 5 months now, and so far, I had been doing pretty well. However, there are going to be times for me when you are going to have blunders, such as trying to follow the rules of your job as well as trying to remember what your boss and/or your supervisor orders you to do…
And throughout all of this, I have been trying to keep my calm; but the other day, while I was on my period, I had tried to use my finger to punch in and out, and after I had had my lunch the other day, I had tried to punch back in with my finger, but the machine keeps telling me it was an “invalid badge”. Suddenly, I lost it, like a total idiot. I really did not mean to act in a way that I should not ever be acting, but what can you ever do? After I lost it and then burst into tears, my supervisor comforted me and told me not to worry about it, and she and my other co-workers sat me down and comforted me as I slowly calmed down. I told her that I was having my time of the month, and I think she understood…
The following day, I was called in to my boss’s office, and she gave me a very good talking to, and I was told to never do such a thing like crying/screaming/carrying on for no reason ever again; I think that I now understand what she was addressing something to me about: I think I finally know that such unreasonable behavior such as what I did the day before, especially at a government facility such as the Dover Air Force Base, will not ever get you anywhere in this life, or anything, for that matter. My boss has told me what both my aunt and my uncle had addressed to me for some time since I had been living with them: There is no reason for that, as in, there is no reason for creating any kind of idiotic behavior in order such as crying/screaming/carrying on to get what you want or to have things your own way in life, even when you are at a government facility.

I began laying down on my bed in my room and began thinking about what I have done, and then started thinking that if you really want to have good days in life, and that you want things to go smoothly, then the only best way to do so is to not make a fool of yourself by creating such unreasonable behavior such as what I had done; And also, you must follow the rules of the job in which you are supposed to be doing, such as not watching TV while working or going to sleep while working, especially on your breaks. I have learned such a hard lesson in these last two days, and I am very much hoping as well as praying that I would follow those rules so that my days would be a whole lot better.
I have learned my lesson very hard and well.

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