Ain’t No Blarney, Bub-St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas!

Well, here we are in the month of March, and do you know what that means? It is time for that annual wearin-of-some-kind-of-green-or-whatever-Yup, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, my friends, a legal holiday that celebrates Irish culture as well as the Irish itself; But this holiday also honors a certain man by the name of St. Patrick, as well as the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.
     Among the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day are wearing shamrocks, wearing green, and drinkin’ every single Irish booze that one could ever think of (I mean no offense to al-key-hol drinkers everywhere)…In places such as Chicago, for example, the city’s famed Chicago is dyed green…

But you do not have to travel neither near or far to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day; You can celebrate this most festive holiday from the comfort of your own home by planning a party or a get-together. And what would go great with Irish foods for St. Paddy’s Day? Some yummy desserts, of course! Yours truly has personally selected these enchantingly good ideas for you to create the most green-full desserts for that luckiest of holidays…

Only a true leprechaun would appreciate this magical dessert delight, a variation on a certain classic candy: Shamrock Bark!
SWT GRN_20190302091158104.jpg
Serve these cake balls for St. Patrick’s Day get-together this year: They are Shamrock Cake Balls!
SWT GRN_20190302091343428.jpg
Or how about something special for a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast? Rainbow Waffles should do the trick!
SWT GRN_20190302091529871.jpg
And lastly (but not least-ly), no delicious donut idea would be as greener as these: Green Donuts! (The Zentangle(R)-inspired background frame art for this post was by yours truly!)




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