Couldn’t it get any greener (or mintier) than this?! (Background art by yours truly!)

      Since its founding in 1955, McDonald’s has been serving its very best, from the Big Mac to the Happy Meal to even the Egg McMuffin; Of course, there are other products that have deserved a better fate, such as that Hula Burger, which, instead of a beef patty, there happens to be a pineapple slice instead…BLEAH!!!
However, one of those products that McDonald’s puts out has indeed stood the test of time, and one does not need to go searching for that pot of gold at the end of any rainbow to look for this one: It is the Shamrock Shake, put out every year in March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; The Shamrock Shake is a dessert of a green mint-flavored milkshake that Mickey D’s sold at its select restaurants; It had first got its start way back in 1970, and that was when the shake was first created by a Chicago-based company called Rogers Merchandising.
At first, the Shamrock Shake was a lemon/lime flavored one, which consists of vanilla ice cream, lemon/lime sherbet, and vanilla syrup. (YOW! That may be twice as worse as that Hula Burger!) But three years later, it became merely a green-colored vanilla shake, eliminating lemon/lime altogether; The flavor of the shake is now a nice, refreshing mint.

 During the 1980s after the Shamrock Shake was introduced, in order to market them, McDonald’s used a character named Uncle O’ Grimacey, who happens to be a green version of the Grimace character who comes to visit McDonaldland every March; He has since been phased out from the company’s mascot lineup. (Perhaps due to the fact that kids were obese and that this character had somehow set a bad example for children who are trying to eat healthy? In the words of Bugs Bunny, “Eh, could be…”)
Meanwhile, McDonald’s have tried to capitalize on the marketing of the Shamrock Shake by introducing the Shamrock Sundae, which consisted of vanilla ice cream with mint green shamrock syrup, but due to poor sales that product had been discontinued.
However, Mickey D’s has since introduced variants of this popular St. Patrick’s Day dessert, such as the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, the Chocolate Shamrock Shake, the Shamrock Hot Chocolate, and of course, the Shamrock Mocha. Bet they sound more delicious than that, uh, Hula Burger…BLEAH!!!

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