I would just like to give you readers a heads-up on what has been going on; This past week, I have made the announcement that I would be leaving WordPress and to shut down my blog for good after 6-1/2 years near the end of June…You can read the full post right here. Now, most of you who have just started following me and have gotten the news may have been wondering why I am quitting my blog and leaving WordPress after 6-1/2 years. Well, I thought that I would be the one to tell you since I happen to be the only one who knows…
Truth be told, I have been blogging since the launch of my blog on November 13th, 2012, and in those 6-1/2 years since the launch, I have had the most wonderful pleasure of providing you all with such a great time, with the combination of my own creativity as well as my own clean sense of humor; And yes, my blog has been through so many ups and downs, as in being at the top of the viewership numbers and being at the bottom of the viewership numbers. But I very much would like to tell you all that neither high or low viewership numbers have anything to do with my decision to leave WordPress; If they have, then I would have called everything off a long time ago.

     I understand as well as know that blogging happens to be among the most wonderful hobbies that a person like myself can ever bestow; In fact, I think that it truly is such a great hobby to blog-thinking up all kinds of ideas to excite and thrill your audience, making them get excited for whatever comes next whenever I publish a post on a blog. When I launched my blog on November 13th, 2012, I thought that this would be a very fun idea, as well as a way to show off my talents as a way to show what I love to do; In the 6-1/2 years since I have launched my blog, first Dream In Music and then now KALEIDOSCOPE, I think that I have done quite a job at making people like you happy.

     But there comes a time when something happens that causes you to make changes in your future; First, I became an author back in 2017, and then, in the very next year, I had finally gotten a job in which I had been praying for a few years, a job as a food service cleaner at Sodexo at the Patterson Dining Facility at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware. With the full focus now on my REAL job, it soon became quite difficult for me to find time to write drafts for posts, not to mention come up with any new ideas that would excite viewers of my blog. And to add to this, there are plans for more new eBooks/books that I really and truly wanted to make, and that makes it twice as difficult to find ANY time to come up with ANY ideas for posts for my blog.
All of this has forced yours truly to make the most difficult decision of all, but I have gathered enough courage to break this news this past week to my past and present bloggers and blog followers: After 6-1/2 years of making you laugh, cry, smile, and informed, the decision was made by yours truly to shut down my blog, KALEIDOSCOPE, near the end of June, only this time for good; I have ultimately made this choice after much thinking and praying. Had I go on to continue blogging, I would not ever do these things that I have just mentioned above.
The other day, while I was walking down to the bus stop, I began shedding some tears while thinking to myself that I do not want to go on blogging forever and ever; If I continue to do so, then I would never be able to make plans to write future books/eBooks, and then I would never be able to focus on my food service job, and if you do not focus on your job, then you will certainly lose your job, and I for one do not want to ever lose that food service job that I had been waiting to have for those few years.

Not only that, when you plan out and write drafts for blog posts and then transfer them to a computer and then publish them almost each and every day, it becomes time-consuming, and I truthfully do not want to do something like this for the rest of my life, and there happen to be things that I would very much like to do now outside of blogging, such as writing and illustrating eBooks/books, and doing a podcast such as mine…(Speaking of which, my podcast KALEIDOSCOPE Time begins its second season over at this Friday, March 15th; You can listen to past 13 episodes of the very first season of my podcast over at my podcast site.)
I shall be publishing my final blog post near the end of June for WordPress; I shall announce the exact date of the month of my farewell of June as soon as possible. In the meantime, I am planning on doing special posts that celebrate my blog as well as my upcoming farewell, so I hope that you folks would stay tuned for those special posts to come.


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