Sweet-Ful Springtime Lemon-Lime Ideas!

 Come March 20th, the season that is ever-so-beautifully known as spring shall very well be here; There happen to be so many things that symbolize the season of spring, such as the daffodil and the singing bird, but can you imagine the lemon? Yes, the lemon happens to be one of the symbols of spring as well, but not only that, I am thinking that the lime is joining along with the lemon on the springtime fun!
With that said, the lemon and the lime are the citrus fruits that just so goes together; When it comes to making springtime desserts, there is something magical about those flavors. I have carefully selected a few of those dessert ideas that are flavored with lemon and lime, and somehow both! They are all through the courtesy of Pinterest (www.pinterest.com)

Like I said, the lemon is a citrus fruit, but whoever said they could also be great in a candy dish, too? Well, make the lemon slices candy, dip some white chocolate, and you’ve got: White Chocolate Candied Lemon!
Cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but there happens to be one cake that’s as buttery as it is ever-so-fruity, ‘cause it’s got lime flavored with it: Key Lime Butter Cake!
Almost everybody just LOVES lemon pie (and who doesn’t?!), but it’s even more heavenly then this pie idea is topped with white chocolate!
Now, if this delectable treat isn’t called a lemon-lime layer cake, then what is?!?
And lastly (but not leastly), here is a yummingly scrumptious bar idea that’s as gooey as any dessert, and do you know what else?! It’s chock-full of lemon goodness: Lemon White Chocolate Gooey Bars!



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