Back to Spence’s Bazar…

Just this past week, for the very first time since I had begun my job as a food service cleaner for Sodexo at the Patterson Dining Facility at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware (I had originally said that I am a food service worker, but since I have now mis-corrected, the name of my position is now food service cleaner), I went to Spence’s Bazaar right in the heart of the capital of the first state; gee, it is sure a joy to visit that place again, and I was expecting to see all of the familiar ol’ haunts that this bazaar has, but when I got there that one morning, I found out that some of the stores there are still closed and have not yet opened. However, I did get to visit that Amish food court, and that is where they have all of those baked goods and stuff…

It is also a real pleasure to watch all of those Amish bakers again, as they bake all of the original stuff that they offer, and I also got the chance, finally, to look at the pretty donuts that they make. Long before I had this job in which I am working now, I would pay a visit to Spence’s Bazaar at least twice a week, or I would just visit there once a week; While most food companies would just simply mass-produce processed food, the Amish at the bazaar would simply make, bake, and sell food that would make any hungry food fanatic who would taste them feel like the fact that this food would taste like home.

Now, not only does Spence’s Bazaar sell food, they also sell knick-knacks, T-shirts, old, worn-out items, and electronics of all sorts; If Delaware Today magazine is listening, then maybe they should give those people of Spence’s Bazaar a “Best of Delaware” award!

I do not have any idea if I would ever have that chance of visiting Spence’s Bazaar again, but if that chance ever happened again, then I shall have that joy of visiting that very special place all over again.

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