Foolin’ ‘Round…

(Illustration by Jenn Webster)

 In the 6 ½ years of blogging for you folks, I have been at times quite the jokester, as in, making you laugh with as much funny (and clean) material as possible; Most recently, a certain foul-mouthed rapper by the name of Cardi B. has been the butt of my own jokes as of late, but a little bit longer before this, there happens to be another nuisance, er, staple of pop culture that I would like to share with you…
To those of you who have never heard this tale before in your very lives, let me start from the very beginning…It was the Saturday before Easter Sunday in 2017, and I was just getting started on enjoying all of that yummy, chocolaty Easter candy, even though I had breakfast; While I was enjoying that Easter candy, my first cousin (whom I shall remain nameless) began to unleash his inner nerdiness and began to blurt out his love for that…TV…show…that is British. If you want to know what that show is, I shall tell you…It’s Doctor-Pepper-Scholls-Woo-Woo-Woo!!! (sorry, but I cannot allow myself to say that name of a British show by the B. B. & C. that is only enjoyable for those whose I.Q. is either below 43 or 45, whichever comes first…just kidding)
Anyhoo, my first cousin began to blurt out his love for that show, and then he says how excited he is that the 10th series or season of that show is coming…As you are reading this, I am still scratching my head as to why people get so excited over an imported television program; It’s kind of like Canadians get excited over the new season of Hawaii 5-0 or something. But getting back to my tale, my cousins love for…that show…thus causing me to almost lose my appetite for that Easter candy, and that has somehow also prompted me to take action and to think of ways to try and to get my cousins to never, ever watch that dinky, wonky show ever again.

 So it was with that that I had created some parodies of that show in which some British weirdo thinks he is a martian from a planet that ain’t Mars (actually, it’s Gal-a-ma-free), and I even made the First Docky talk like a certain sitcom character…(“Someday I shall come back, you big dummy!”) And while I was on vacay in Rehoboth Beach that year of 2017, I even tormented that wacko! But so far my attempts have done very little to get my cousins to not watch that show anymore…
Now, I would very much like to stress this once more: I do not mean any disrespect for that British TV show; It’s just that I really not all that interested in it, and I thought that, as a way to spice up this here family-friendly blog, I would make that show the butt of my jokes. Now, I do not know that it would happen one of these days, but one of these days my cousins would get tired of that show, and then they would say, “Hey, let’s watch some Lawrence Welk!”
But until then, I may have to keep trying, but in another place, because I shall be leaving WordPress and blogging on June 14th for bigger and much better things, and when that British martian ever comes back, well…But anyway, just to make any crazy Whovian feel so very much better, I shall present to you a real, true photo of the current cast of that British sci-fi show…

APRIL FOOLS, BUBS!!! (yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk!!!)


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