What Does the World Truly Need in Life?

(Zentangle(R)-inspired illustration by Jenn Webster)

  I had been scouring the pages of my book that is full of 300 writing prompts, and one prompt asked me what I want right now; Well, I really do not want anything else other than the fact that I want people to know me as an author, as well as a true friend. But that is certainly not all that I would like to say…
What I would truly want for the entire world is that people should stop hating each other because of their race, creed, or religion; I wish that people would accept things in life just as they are, enjoying them without having any problems. I would also like for Democrats and Republicans to stop bickering among themselves and to just share, as in compromise, their views as well as their plans for this great country of ours; And I would also like for our President to act less of a juvenile and more like a responsible President, while I would also like to have his heart so very full of love and compassion so that he would have enough to gather his administration to help people out.
I also want stores to stay open for as long as they can, in spite of the recent online boom; And I also want to have no more gun killings, and for Congress to try and get its act together for better gun control. You may have heard what had just happened to the niece of actress Tamera Mowry-Housley: At just 18 years of age, she had been shot and killed, and I know that deep in my heart I feel so much pain for her that she has to face the rest of her life without the one that she loves the very most, her niece. May the Lord God have mercy on her and to give her the strength to carry on despite the loss, and if the Lord is willing, may He grant her the chance to adopt a child, in which hopefully would replace sorrow with love.

Other things that I would want for the world: For the people to accept the changes in life, such as a first female anything, and for people to not have any negative thoughts about it; I would also like people to not ever be greedy and to give from their hearts for those who are in need. And yes, if there was one thing that I would very much like for the world, it is this: That we do not want to have any more wars, and for our nation’s, as well as our world leaders, to just sit down and to talk and to try and find a way to solve problems rather than create them with war. That’s the way that I want for the world…
Other than these, I would not mind if the world would have as much McDonald’s restaurants as possible!

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