Life after Blogging…

america arid bushes california

      As summer approaches as well as the day I leave WordPress and blogging almost every day for good, I began to think of making plans on what I would be doing once I close down my blog after 6 ½ years for good, so I think it would be a good idea for me to share these plans with you now…
First and foremost of all, I would very much like to get started on my new book, and not just an eBook this time; I would like to work on a REAL print book for the very first time. Sure, I have enjoyed doing those eBooks and all, and I think it was something that is very much of an experience to me, but in the here and now, I would like to try and do a print book, one in which you can turn the pages on them instead of swiping the pages like you folks do when reading something on your tablets. If and when I write that manuscript for my first print book, then I am going to have to keep my focus on doing so and to not procrastinate like I have done in previous times; Now, I cannot remember the times exactly when I have procrastinated or even wasting my time on social media before, but I would very much like to tell you that doing something like this is a total waste of time, so this summer I am going to try and to not do something dumb and stupid like procrastinating or even waste time on social media; According to an eBook that I have just read about time management in writing, paying one too many visits to social media sites is nothing more than time sucks, and that would certainly take time away from what you are supposed to enjoy doing.
Another thing that I would be planning on doing this summer would be to create a fashion model coloring book; however, it is still in the pre-pre-planning stages because, after all, I have to get started on my new book project first! So doing these kinds of things one at a time takes time, so I shall just take this one thing at a time…

  And if time allows me to, I shall share whatever artwork I plan to do on social media for the public to enjoy, after all, that was why I got started sharing stuff by in the first place: Using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to share my love of my talent of art with people like you, and that happened before I even got started on this here blog!
Ever since I was young, I had practiced my writing; Even though my writing may not be as great as anyone else’s, I still had to keep my eyes focused as I continued to practice my writing, and if you want to know something else, It’s this: It may look like I’m getting to be pretty good at typing every letter that creates every word where I pound those keys with my fingers. Yes, fingers can do wonderful things, an NO, I do not think that using your fingers to do an obscene gesture counts as a wonderful thing!
I am looking forward to a future in which I can explore other places in which I could share my talents with the world; who knows? Maybe someday you might read my words on a book somewhere…

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