My Saturday at Felton, Delaware…

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Spring is FINALLY in the air…

      This past Saturday, I had decided to go for a walk and to somehow look for an open house that some place of business was having in which I had heard over the radio a few days before; I wanted to go there and maybe take some pictures of the fun that people would be having at that open house…
It turns out that I just could not find that open house anywhere-Just stop-and-go stores that I have visited almost frequently just before I had my job as a food service cleaner at Sodexo. That’s a shame, because I really wanted to take photos of whatever things-as-they-happen that I could find, and I wanted to do so before I say goodbye to blogging and WordPress in June; Hopefully before that time comes, I shall try and find some time and place to take photographs of things anywhere in Kent County in Delaware as they happen…And hopefully, I shall be willing to pay a visit to Smyrna (SMYRNA?!?), Delaware…(Yes, you have definitely heard that catchphrase correctly; You may be hearing it just one more time before KALEIDOSCOPE closes down for good in June…)
But here is the good news: I did take a picture of a tree that is in the bloom of spring, and that is what I think one should love about spring: The flowers blooming, the bees buzzing, the butterflies are a-flyin’. the Mr. Softee ice cream trucks are playing that old familiar tune again… (Hey, it is the springtime, after all, so one has got to hear the sounds of a certain ice cream truck somehow!)

KODAK Digital Still Camera

      Meanwhile, while I was in that quiet town of Felton, DE, I had paid a visit to a flea market in which I had not done so in many a weekend, because I had been too busy writing stuff for my blog as well as other things; I took a look around the place, but did not have any bother to buy anything from that flea market, even though the vintage stuff that they were selling was pretty nice…
Then I stopped at a small restaurant in that small town, in the hopes of trying to get a little bite to eat; But then I looked at that sign on the door, and it said, CLOSED FOR REPAIRS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Further notice? For how long have they been closed until further notice?! Forever?!? Well, I do not have any idea when that tiny restaurant would ever, ever reopen, but if or when I do return to that tiny town, I hope that it will.
I have sure enjoyed that nice walk around Felton, though; It is perhaps the only place in which I would go for a weekend field trip on a Saturday. I am hoping that one of these days I would be able to buy an adult tricycle or maybe even to learn how to drive well enough to be able to afford a car so that I could go to every single place on any Saturday for any weekend field trip! May that day come sooner or later…

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