A Real Pain in the Tooth…

Just recently I had gotten a toothache on the left side of my teeth; This happens to be, I think, the third time that I have gotten a toothache, and something tells me that there may be a reason…

Every few years I have gotten a toothache; When I had paid a visit to the dentist and told him or her about each toothache, the answer is surprising-Each time I go to the dentist to explain my toothache problems, they examine each tooth and inform me that the toothache is the result of abscess teeth…You do want to know what an abscess tooth does to your teeth, do you?

Well, it is a pus that is grown inside of the tooth, and as long as the pus is inside the tooth, pain occurs. When the pus is finally broken, then one is prepared for extreme pain, because there happens to be swelling involved.

And that could mean a whole lot of trouble if you don’t go to the dentist real quick, in which I have done on previous occasions; When you have that pain in your tooth because of an abscess tooth, then the dentist tells you that you have no other choice but to have that tooth pulled. Once your tooth is pulled (READ: Extracted), then you shall have no more pain…At least until that next certain toothache comes along.

For now, I have this toothache relief gel that would help ease the pain of my left tooth until I could make an appointment to see a dentist; Once I find time to make an appointment with the dentist, then I would have to find a way to take the day off from work so that I could visit that dentist.

I am just thinking that this aching tooth placed in the left side of my teeth would happen to be another abscess tooth, but I shall not know until I see the dentist; In my own opinion, I think that losing your teeth due to abscess may be a sign that I am getting old, and as a matter of fact I am getting old. But do you want to know something else? I really do not want to be afraid of getting old. In fact, I want to face getting old with as much courage as humanly possible; And if I am forced to accept this, then maybe I shall have no problem with wearing false teeth!

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