What Six and a Half Years of Blogging Have Taught Me…

(This image has been given a painted makeover by yours truly!)

     As I am about to make my plans to prepare to leave WordPress and blogging in June after 6 ½ years while preparing for what my next chapter shall be, I began to look back and remember all of the fun that I have had in bringing the most wonderful stuff to you all of those years; At the same time, I began thinking about what those six-and-a-half years of blogging have taught me…
Well, first and foremost of all, blogging has taught me how to focus, as well as how to become a better writer again; I have been writing before in my younger years, but somehow that trickled off, but thanks to the discovery that I can blog just as well as anyone, as well as write, I just could not seem to get my fingers off that gosh darn keyboard! Blogging has also taught me to share the very best that I ever could in terms of writing with those who are very interested to see them on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter; Long after my days of blogging are through come June, I would still be sharing stuff on social media, but somewhere in another place…
All throughout those six years and a half, blogging has taught me how to type my fingers on a keyboard, so that the letters would appear each and every time I press those buttons with those letters on them! I would type like there is no tomorrow, but there are other important things that I must take care of, such as my job as food service cleaner, but I could type another time if there happens to be time…

      Blogging on a WordPress-hosted blog such as my own has taught me to unleash my inner muse, to make your audience so very excited for the things that I have written and published as well as what else they can expect from yours truly; I know that somewhere, my audience is going to be sad to see me go after all I had provided them for all those 6 ½ years, but I am hoping that somewhere, they would wish me luck in the coming future while I myself know that I have done as much as I ever could in making everyone happy, and I am sure that they would be looking forward to hearing from me sometime in the future if and when I put out my very first book…
I am so very happy and so very grateful that blogging on WordPress has taught me to become a better writer, to get people excited for the best things, and to unleash my creativity while displaying my creative talents. And now, in June, it shall be Graduation Day for yours truly, and although I shall be very sad to leave this family called WordPress behind after six-and-a-half-years, I shall be happy that I have been taught everything that they have known from WordPress; They just happen to be the best creative writing teachers around!

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