Make Spring Break Reading Fun…

(Zentangle ®-inspired frame art by yours truly!)

For some of you people, as you are reading this, you are all in the midst of what somebody calls spring break, but here in my state called Delaware, we are getting ready to have our spring break next week…

With that said, I very much know that for us, it means there is going to be a lot of time on our hands, but wouldn’t it be ever-so-grand to spend all of that time reading? After all, if one should spend this extravagant time reading books of any topic imaginable, then they should have enough smarts to go back to school and begin learning again for the third and final semester of the year…

Well, my friends, I have got the most perfect book for you: It is an eBook in which I have written and published last year, and it is called The Sea Centaur; This story is both inspired by and adapted by Hans Christian Andersen’s time-honored fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, but this time, the main character is not really a mermaid, but a half-human, half-seahorse creature called a sea centaur!

She is a princess who lives in an undersea kingdom with her father and sisters; In the story, the sea centaur would be willing to give up something precious to her so that she could be with a man that she had just begun to love after rescuing him from a fierce storm.

There is quite a whole lot more to the story, and the best way to find out more is by reading The Sea Centaur, written by yours truly and features cartoon illustrations in which I have drawn ten years ago; It is available now at the Amazon Kindle Store, and you can purchase it by going to this link right here!

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