(Zentangle(R)-inspired art by yours truly!)

19 years ago, I gave my very own heart to Jesus Christ; In the spring of 2000, Christ came into my heart at just the right time: I had been living with my mother and stepfather at the time while had been living in Philadelphia (I now live in Dover, Delaware in the Felton area). I had been forced by my parents to go out on the street and panhandle for them, and I think that I do know the real reason why: My stepfather had been a heroin addict while my mother had been an alcoholic, vices that would soon contribute to their deaths, the former in 2011 and the latter a few years earlier, in 2004.
As the calendar changed from the 20th to 21st century in 2000, by that time I became very scared and becoming desperate in need of something that would help me pull through all the trials of life. That year, I had discovered a book called Power For Living, and this book explains how people have been saved while having a personal relationship with God through the blood of Jesus Christ; I read that book and began to feel that, well, if Jesus could save those people, then maybe He could surely save me. So I began to pray and ask the Lord God to forgive me of all my sins…
19 years later, I am still blessed for the fact that Jesus has saved me through the precious blood that He has shed on the cross. But recently, there are those in my family, especially my uncle and aunt, who have ultimately closed their ears, because, in my own heart, they really do not want to hear any of the Gospel of Jesus and instead want to go about their own lives in their own way. I really do not want for them to miss out on the most wonderfully blessed fact that, because He loves us and in order for Him to save each and every one of us all, God sent His only Son to pay the ultimate price of His life on the cross, so that all of us could be saved and have the most extravagant gift of all: Life eternal. 

Of course, there are times when Satan has tempted me to give up on my Christian faith as well as praying for my family; He somehow whispered in my mind that my family shall not ever change and that I should just give up. But God does not want me to; He whispers to me that no matter what, just keep on praying…Just be patient, and it shall happen. I am hoping for that day in which my family shall finally change and then repent of their sins shall come someday, if not very, very soon.
I am so very grateful that the Lord God has been at my side throughout good and bad times; In the next year, I shall be celebrating 20 years since I have given my heart to the One who paid the price on the cross for me, Christ Jesus. And He shall be with me always, “…even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20, NLT) 

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