There are absolutely no words. There really aren’t. Just recently, the Philadelphia-based hockey team called the Flyers as well as the New York-based baseball team the Yankees have removed a certain patriotic song that was made famous so many years ago by a woman by the name of Kate Smith; The certain patriotic song that she had been and is still famous for all of those years is called God Bless America. This is all because she did a song a few years prior, a song that which they think is considered racist.

That makes one such as myself start to ask to oneself: Has this whole P.C. (Political Correctness) thing starting to go way too overboard? Does one really think that trying to correct something is worth removing a very important song for, let alone removing a statue as the Flyers did when they removed the statue of the woman who sang this very important song? After all, Kate Smith’s God Bless America had and is still so very meaningful to many people, no matter what their race, creed, sex, or religion; That song has helped many Americans through the worst of times, especially World War II, and it has remained such a very important song right after the attacks that have happened on September 11th, 2001. Yet, for any sports team to get rid of something such as this song which has become part of our lives, well, it makes one such as myself want to shake my head and wonder: When will all of this political correctness end?

And do you folks want to know something else? I think that this whole, entire P.C. thing has gone much too far. I think that it would be very well time to just leave things in life alone, and to just get on with the rest of our lives with things just simply the way they are. It would certainly break a Philadelphia hockey fan’s heart if he or she would not ever be able to hear God Bless America ever again, and the same would certainly be true for New York City baseball fans.

Besides all of this, deep within my heart somehow I am concerned of the fact that this country of ours in which we are living right now has been divided between two parties who cannot ever agree on one thing nor the other. If something is not done right as soon as possible, then I do not have any idea as to where this great country of ours is going to head next. The only best thing that one can ever do right now is to pray, pray that one day soon, the political parties shall finally put aside their differences and just simply work together to make this great country a much better place to live.

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