It is kind of hard to say goodbye to the very thing that you love so very most, and that happens to be blogging; I wish that I could continue on blogging, but how would I be able to find time to concentrate on my food service cleaning work? How would I find time to write my next book? And most importantly, How would I ever find the time to finally relax and put my focus on my family?
So it is with that that my focus should be on the very things that I have just mentioned, and not on blogging anymore. Come June 14th, I shall finally be able to do all of those things…
But before I plan to write my last post as well as close down my blog and leaving WordPress for the very last time after 6-1/2 years, I think that it is very well time for me to give advice to those who are just about to get started on their very own WordPress blogs…

      First and foremost of all, just be yourself; You cannot start your blog as a character or something. Don’t be afraid if you could do something right or wrong-Just concentrate on your writing, and remember this: Don’t stare at the screen-Stare at the keyboard while you type!
And please do not ever worry about how what your audience would think of your writing: Just surprise them! Remember this little quote that I have made: “Write like no one is reading it.” I have always used my quote in the beginning, and I have a feeling that I shall always will use my own quote after my time at WordPress is done.
Oh, and there is another piece of advice that I would very much like to give to you: If you are going to write something in which would include your family, then do so, but PLEASE do not ever use their real names, or you shall very well end up in very big trouble. For the past 6-1/2 years, whenever I write a post that includes my family, I would never, ever use their names, and I surely would not ever use them in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

      And there happens to be one more piece of advice that I would like to give to up-and-coming bloggers…Well, it is not exactly advice, but in actuality, it is a wish from yours truly: As I am about to head off into the sunset after 6-1/2 years, may I wish each and every blogging newcomer all the very best in their success as they prepare to begin their future in the wonderfully wide world of blogging. To all of you: Good luck, with love-JW


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