Things That I have Done at KALEIDOSCOPE for the Past 6 ½ Years…


     As I prepare to say goodbye to WordPress and blogging after 6 ½ years, I recently began to think about the wonderful features that have graced my blog throughout those past years, features that have made my blog as fun and as colorful as any blog could be…
First of those features is called “Squibbles”, which is a feature that has a funny twist ending that always makes readers laugh; For those 6-1/2 years, I have done just that: Make people laugh through “Squibbles”, and I hope that they are happy. Next, there happens to be a puzzle that I have done and I have always enjoyed playing with you readers is “Who/What Am I?”; That happens to be a puzzle in which I stump readers with clues that would help unmask the person or thing in which who or what is wearing a disguise. It has been a really fun time creating these puzzles with readers like you, but now the fun and games are over, and it is time for me to close the puzzle game…
Next is a religious Christian feature called Come, Follow Jesus, and it has appeared on my blog every Sunday for the past six-and-a-half years; When this feature appeared on my blog after I first started my blog in 2012, it has appeared in different titles, but the current title is one that appears on KALEIDOSCOPE each Sunday. This feature has a topic in which is attached to a reading from the Holy Bible. Before Come, Follow Jesus, we have another weekly feature in which spotlights on verses from the book of Psalms, and it is called THOUGHT FOR TODAY, but sometimes in that feature, we would include verses from Isaiah as well.

      Another feature in which readers just like you love the very best are the ones in which I would present dessert/food ideas for certain events and holidays such as Mother’s Day which is coming this Sunday on May 12th; Those food and dessert ideas are something that I have always enjoyed sharing with you throughout those 6 ½ years, and while I am so very sorry that this meal is about to end, at the same time I am as grateful as anyone to have provided you all with the best ideas that would make any day or holiday special.
Next is something that I have always enjoyed in the 6-1/2 years that I have been with you all at WordPress, and those are the special series on things such as Chicago TV Legends, in which I have done last year, the annual Pool Parade (in which I am sorry to have to drain the pool after all those years of bringing it to you), and the theme weeks that I have done over the past six and a half years that I have done at that blog-hosting site, WordPress. Let me tell you folks this: The special series and theme weeks that I have done has helped me flex my writing muscles, and since my time as a WordPress blogger is coming to a close next month, I believe that I have done a pretty darn good job in using such of those things as special series and theme weeks to help me hone my talents enough to be ready to show off the words that I write elsewhere.
I love to write; And I have used that love of my writing to share happiness with my blogging audience, and I am thankful for doing so.

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