For the past 6-½ years, KALEIDOSCOPE has brought what it could bring you as much as possible in terms of current events; Among those has to be the news that I have broken about a celebrity passing, especially the recent passing of the one and only Doris Day, at 97 years of age (can you believe this?). I think the reason people react to news of each and every celebrity’s passing is that they knew that certain celebrity and they somehow feel so very attached to either him or her. Then they would reminisce about the times when they would enjoy watching a celebrity on either television or movie screens or even listen to that celebrity’s songs on the radio, all while thinking how much of an impact that any celebrity has made in their lives, and my guess is that they would probably, or maybe will, honor that celebrity’s work long after his or her passing. (As of this writing, I had just received word that Tim Conway had passed away as well.) 
     In the 6-½ years that I have been blogging with WordPress, I have written posts about such celebrities that have passed away, people such as: Adam West, Yvonne Craig, and Jim Lange, among others; I have even paid tributes to other celebrities who have passed in earlier years, such as Hy Lit, Ray Combs, Bert Convy, and Esther Williams. And yes, I was there to comfort my dear friend, Svengoolie, AKA Rich Koz, when his own best friend and mentor, Jerry G. Bishop, passed away in 2013; I very much know how very important Jerry had meant to him, and right now, as of this writing, his mother had passed away recently, and I feel bad for him, because I know how much his mother had meant to him as well.

Now, getting back to Doris Day…She happens to be one of the most greatest entertainers in the 20th century: An actress, singer, and an animal welfare activist, this very beautiful woman had done it all, and I think like I have said a few times before, I thought that she would live forever…But unfortunately, Doris had contracted pneumonia and did not survive. thus, Doris Day, a legend forever as well as always, has passed away at the age of 97; But she will indeed live on forever in her recordings, and in her classic films. Now, I know that TCM is paying attention to all of this…
Hopefully someday I would do a special thing somewhere to pay tribute to some of the celebrities who have passed on, as well as those whom I did not have the time to do a post of in the six and a half years that I have been with WordPress on my blog, in which I heartily apologize to any readers out there…


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