Last week at my place of employment (READ: My job), we had a meeting concerning the many things that one must do in order to perform well at work, and among those things is learning to have good hygiene while performing your work as well as focusing on what you should be doing…
But I think that the part in which my supervisors got to was where safety is concerned; Yes, when it comes to safety on the job, one must ALWAYS pay attention to whatever form of safety that they are supposed to be doing. I myself have learned to follow each and every safety rule very well…Well, almost; Whenever I vacuum every day, I always have to pay attention to the extension cords, or else I would end up in VERY bad trouble. One day, while I was beginning my day of work by vacuuming, I had noticed that the extension cord had been missing; So, I had looked around for that extension cord, and when I could not find it, I asked my supervisor just where it had gone. Then she found the extension cord, which happens to be the good news. But the bad news was that the cord had suddenly been burned out…
So at that meeting last week, one of the other supervisors advised us about that extension cord and said that it could be six months before it could ever be replaced. So it was with that that I had to make do with what I could do in terms of finding other places to plug in the vacuum so that I could clean the dining rooms; I began to do a bit of problem-solving as to what kind of electrical outlet I would use to plug in the vacuum and to find places to clean specific areas of the dining rooms, but in order for me to do so, I have to use safety as well as common sense.

      And yes, in addition to hearing the rules that I should always have to follow in order to keep my job, I was also named Employee of The Month, which has made me so very happy…
You know, I enjoy doing food service work; I think that it makes me so very productive! And who knows?! I might get to be voted Employee of the Month yet again, but if I really want to have that kind of repeat victory, then I am going to concentrate very hard on doing my job, not just today, but EVERY day, and in fact the next days, weeks, and months…Funny how time flies when you are productive, hmmm?!

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