It has been said that dessert must follow dinner; needless to say, after a hearty 6-1/2 year dinner of bringing you many a post filled with many a food, beverage, and dessert idea, then it is time for the grand finale: DESSERT! And there is no better dessert to complete this very grand dinner than a delicious sundae!
Indeed, the sundae has been around since its very beginning, in the 1900s to be exact; But it was way back in 1881 when a man by the name of George Hallauer asked Edward C. Berner to top a dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce. So it was that the very first ice cream sundae was born, according to history…
So it is with that, for the very last time, through the courtesy of Pinterest (, I have selected these ice cream sundae treats for you to enjoy, and I very much think that you should try them out for yourselves for future occasions…

You just cannot go wrong with a banana split sundae, the all-time classic American treat…
I have presented a post that I have published one time of galaxy dessert ideas, and among those galaxy-themed treats, this one stands out: Galaxy Ice Cream!
There are people who love cookies as well as ice cream, and I think that this treat, in which I have first presented in another post one time, happens to be one suh-weet combination: Cookie Lover’s Sundae!
And, in which I shall say for the very final time, lastly, but not leastly…I have presented this treat not very long ago on this here blog, and I think that it is just as delicious now as it was then…The sundae trifle, complete with Twix bars!

I hope that you have enjoyed the food, beverage and dessert ideas that I have presented over the past 6 ½ years; If you are looking for any ideas for upcoming holidays or future occasions, then you can check out Pinterest at any time at Thank you all so very much, with love-JW

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