40 Years of Ghoulish Excitement…

Here's to 40 years of ghoulish entertainment, Svengoolie! With love, Jenn W..jpg
(Zentangle(R)-inspired art by Jenn Webster)

     In past posts, I have told you about a certain horror host whose talent and creativity have helped me create and shape this very blog, and one that has been standing for the past 6-1/2 years; And, I am proud to say that this year, this fine entertainer is celebrating 40 years of doing what he had been doing for 4 decades, and is still doing today. However, his anniversary shall come a few days after I say goodbye to blogging and WordPress while I shall be closing down my blog on June 14th. And, in case any of you folks are wondering, this shall also be the final time that I get to do a people post, but in all honesty, I have enjoyed doing those posts for six-and-a-half years now, and now that my time as a blogger is coming to an end in two weeks, I guess I shall be focusing on that one person that I have always looked up to and has helped me to not ever be afraid to express myself. And afterward, the one person that I should be focusing on from now on is myself, and my future.
Anyway, the person who has got me started on my creativity journey is none other than Chicago native Rich Koz, but I think that you folks know him by a different name: Svengoolie. 2019 marks the 40th anniversary year for him as an entertainer, and although he has been in the Chicago area I think, forever, he can now be seen nationwide with his own horror movie show seen Saturday nights over at the MeTV network (if you want to know which station carries MeTV, then I very well suggest that you go to http://www.metv.com.)
Svengoolie comes on every single Saturday night at certain…Well, let me restate that: When Svengoolie’s show first went national, his show was first seen at 10 PM EST/9 PM CST, while I am thinking that one would change the channel to the very first moments of Saturday Night Live while the final few moments of Svengoolie were just beginning. Then, in recent years as is today, Svengoolie could now be seen at 8 PM EST/7 PM CST, so I am thinking that come summertime, the kids would finally stay up and enjoy what they have missed on Saturday Night Live while they were away from school once Sven is over and done with for another week…

Anyway, I would also like to point out that I think that you have heard too much of that certain story of how Svengoolie came to be, etc. already, so with that, I won’t; But I would very much like to tell you that this wonderfully talented man’s creativity has helped to inspire me to create my blog in which you are reading right now. And now that this year marks his 40 years of show business, I would very much like to say that I am so very grateful to be friends with this incredible man who has inspired to be what I am today, and to what I would be in the future: A writer as well as an artist.
And now that my time of farewell is drawing near, I would very much like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Svengoolie, AKA Rich Koz, for inspiring me to build up my creative talents, and for also making me so very happy. Now, I know that Svengoolie is going to be sad when I shall be closing down my blog on June 14th to concentrate on other important things, but I do know that he shall be very happy that I have achieved something in my life, and for that, I shall forever be grateful.
Thank you so very much for everything, Svengoolie, and a very happy and blessed 40th anniversary to you, with love-JW

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