6-1/2 Years, By the Numbers…

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Throughout the 6 ½ years that I have been blogging with WordPress, I have done a pretty good job of making readers so very happy; But it is not just the words that they read that would get people like you so very interested in your posts in which makes them look forward to seeing more of what you have wrote…Actually, it’s the numbers that matter that state how much people have enjoyed my posts throughout the past six-and-a-half years…
In all of those years, in total, I have had a grand total of 38,257 views, 22,903 visitors, 6,938 likes…and I have 19 comments (yeah, I know, it is not a very big number, but at least it’s special). All in all, it all adds up for the fact that I have made something special in terms of posts that I had done for this here WordPress-hosted blog, KALEIDOSCOPE.
But I think that the most popular year that I had for my blog happens to be 2017; That year was a real blast for me and this here blog, because of 8,540 views for my blog, as well as 5,252 visitors. I guess that part of the reason that my blog had been moderately successful that year was that it had to with my parodies of a certain so-called Time Lord/British martian, Doctor Woo-Woo-Woo-Woo (I’m sorry, but I STILL cannot say this character’s name!). The reason why I had been making fun of this coo-coo from the B.B. & C. is that I had been using this act of parody to secretly try to get my cousins off that weirdo show about that weirdo Brit who pretends to be an alien who flies around in that blue elevator, in which happens to be something that those British cops may still be wanting to get that trademark of it back…

     Oh, and there happens to be another reason why I had been doing those parodies that year: On the Saturday before Easter Sunday of 2017, I nearly lost my appetite for that candy that I had been enjoying when my cousin blurted out his love affair for that show that is from British and is not American, while saying that he could not wait for that 10th season of something of…that show. And so, I had been using those parodies of that show, as a way of doing something for the common good, as in, trying to secretly get my cousins to try and to watch something else other than that nutsy-banana-coo-coo program, something sensible like Lawrence Welk, or even Ozzie and Harriet. Well, as of this writing, my cousins are still stuck on that show, but that Docky-Wocky is gone for another year; But once that she of a martian comes back in the next year, I would once again try to make things somewhat miserable, parody-wise, but in a different place than this blog…
Other than that, 2017 was a fun year for me and my blog, but I think that other years are just as good; And now, it shall soon be time to put on my dancing shoes and have my final dance before closing down my blog. When it comes to all of the love that you have shown for me for the past 6 ½ years, on a scale of 1 to 10…You are a 12!

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