The Games That I Play With You…


In the six and a half years that I had been blogging with WordPress, one of my most favorite features that I have always enjoyed doing is playing the fun games with you, and that is in the form of puzzles in which I try to stump you while figuring out the solution!

    One game that I like to do is called Who/What Am I?, and the object of this puzzle feature is this: I show you a photo of someone or something, but there happens to be a difference: that object or person has been covered up, and the only way to unmask this person/thing’s true identity is to try to guess who that person/thing is by using the clues that I have provided for them, and afterward, well, they just have to guess!

    Now, two days later, the readers would have given up on the puzzle, and then, I would FINALLY give them the answer! And then, well, they would wait around for the next puzzle to come along…

I have enjoyed doing such a pretty cool thing as doing guessing game puzzles with you all, and I am pretty much sure that all of you have enjoyed solving those puzzles that I have brought to you at this here blog throughout the past 6-½ years. But now, on June 14th, there would not ever be any more puzzles; As for what my future would hold as both a writer and a food service worker, well, that happens to be a puzzle within itself.

    Life can be a game sometimes when it comes to any obstacle we face in life; But if we try to escape our problems for a little while by playing such games as puzzles, then maybe, just maybe, we can face this tough world in life with as much courage and muster as we can.

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