Throughout the past few weeks, I have been sharing with you things that I have written and published at this blog for the past 6-½ years that I have been at WordPress…

    Things such as food and dessert ideas, essays, and humor; However, I have written and published other special things as well that are not really regular features, and those specials that I do are those kinds of things that make my readers look forward to what they would be expecting, and I think I’ve had the pleasure of publishing such wonderful things just as much as all of you readers have had the pleasure of reading them.

    Now, when was the last time you have enjoyed a fashion design gallery? Or perhaps the Pool Parade that I have done? Or maybe you were excited for the fact that my very first story serial extravaganza, “A Girl Named Cinderella”, was coming your way, as well as other story serial specials that have premiered on this blog?

Or maybe you have been looking forward to the traditional Christmas stories that I have presented throughout the past 6-½ years that I have been blogging with WordPress, Christmas tales such as The Night Before Christmas or Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus? Or maybe, just maybe, you had been looking forward to my years in review, or maybe even a theme week or two, theme weeks that cover things such as cartoon characters and easy listening…

    Well, whatever specials that I have presented over those years, I’m sure that they have brought a warm glow to your heart as well as the fact that it has brought you fun and excitement over the years; But now, the fun and excitement of the one thing that I have enjoyed over the years, blogging, is coming to an end on June 14th, when I publish my very special final post at this blog, which is KALEIDOSCOPE, and close this blog for good after 6-½ years. But as I am about to leave, I know that I shall be leaving you with many a wonderful memory of all of the fun that you have had whenever I write and publish a special.

    And that, for me, makes my heart so very special.

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