YouTubin’ With You at KALEIDOSCOPE…


 After next Friday, there shall be no more KALEIDOSCOPE after 6-½ years, and I am pretty much sure that you who have been visiting my blog for that length of time shall very well be left with only memories of what this blog once was…

  Here happens to be one memory that I would like to share with you…during my six-and-a-half years at my blog, I have shared videos of old and current cartoons as well as classic commercials directly from that video sharing site that is known as YouTube. And BTW, if you would like to check out any old, classic video on YouTube once my blog has officially closed down, then may I very well suggest that you pay a visit to YouTube at

  Meanwhile, getting back to my memories of sharing all kinds of good stuff from YouTube on my blog, I would just like to say I have had quite a ball of sharing such kinds of wonderful videos from that site, things that happen to include classic commercials and old and new cartoons.

 In fact, I had once started to share old cartoons and TV commercials from YouTube beginning every Tuesday; but then, I had begun to share those YouTube videos every Friday, and the reason for that is because of the fact that the DC Superhero Girls have debuted on the site. Now, at first, when the girls were introduced, they were sort of the equivalent to any Disney princess out there; But then, the girls, as well as the show’s format, have changed, and then it started to look more like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The villains who were supposed to be heroes in the original version have now been changed to just plain baddies, and the heroines have now focused on just fighting crime and school work, rather than focusing on their powers and working something to solve those problems relating to their powers.

  And that is not all: In most episodes of the new version of the series, they have also put the focus on the male superheroes, and not just the girls themselves. All in all, I really do not want to say this, but this version of the DC Superhero Girls is just isn’t what the old version of the DC Superhero Girls used to be.

  On the other side of the coin, YouTube offers nostalgics such as myself a chance to look at those classic commercial that we might have missed all of those years ago, while it also gives me the chance to use that video site to share those classic commercials with those of you who are waiting to see what kind of old commercial I have to present to you…

And so, in closing, what you have just seen shall be the very last time I share something on YouTube with all of you; It has been an honor as well as a pleasure to share such wonderfully cool things with each and every one of you bloggers and blog followers out there who have just wanted to have something that would make every one of you smile. Come next Friday, after I publish my final post, the only way that you can see classic cartoons and commercials are at YouTube itself, and you can check this site anytime at

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