Today is the day I kiss yesterday goodbye and leave to head off into the future; but as I leave, here is what I shall leave behind…

I shall leave behind the memories of the fun that I had with them and all of the wonderfully exciting joy that came along with it…

I shall leave behind reminders of what our friendship had meant to us and how they have been so very gracious to me…I shall leave behind many a lasting memory of all of the things that has made my friends so very happy…

And finally, when I leave and say goodbye, I shall leave behind the satisfaction of knowing that I have done as much as I possibly can to provide them something to read and enjoy.

And now, here is what shall be placed in front of me: A future in which it would allow me to focus on what should be really important: A job in which it pays me good and would allow me to live on my own and hopefully live a much better life. I shall also have my other future in front of me, and that would be writing and illustrating books, as well as e-books.

I am as much a happy woman now as it is then; Therefore, I exit the past, and enter the future.

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