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(Zentangle(R)-inspired illustration by Jenn Webster)

     Well, all of you wonderful bloggers and blog followers out there, as well as the many readers who have followed my blog for the past 6-1/2 years, this is it…My graduation, as I would like to call it. You know, it seems like only yesterday when I first signed up for WordPress back in 2012 and then I began my blog with my very first post of welcome, introducing myself to all of you…Now, 6 ½ years later, I end my blogging journey with this very last post of goodbye…
I know that there happen to be readers who have just visited my blog for the first time, say, a few weeks ago, and those who have joined my blog recently who have been wondering why I have decided to leave blogging and WordPress after all of those years, and I thought that I would be the one to tell you since I happen to be the only one who knows. Blogging happens to be the most enjoyable pastime that any person with a computer as well as internet access can ever bestow; and I happen to very much know as well as understand that I have enjoyed blogging so very much, and in recent years my blog has been at both the top of the viewing numbers and at the bottom of the viewing numbers.
Well, let me be the one to tell you that neither high nor low viewing numbers have anything to do with my decision; If they have, then I would have quit this whole blogging journey a long time ago, even long before I would get to where I am today, writing this to all of you. Now, back in October of 2018, for the very first time in nearly 7 years that I have been living with my uncle and aunt, I have finally gotten a job, a job as a food service cleaner for a company called Sodexo at the Patterson Dining Facility at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware; At first, I had managed to squeeze in a little blog-posting time before I would go to work, with posts based on my own ideas. But then, as my job progressed, it had become hard for me to find time to come up with any ideas for my blog; what’s more, I have just become an author in 2017, which is a year before I had this job, so in all honesty, juggling a job as well as a blog, not to mention finding any time at all to write any future manuscripts for future books, has become quite a challenge.

     So, as I was walking down to the bus stop one morning in early March of this year, a week before I would make a certain special announcement, I quietly wept and said to myself, “I just cannot go on blogging forever!” I had to figure that it was either one or the others; And in the end, I had ultimately chosen the others, both my food service cleaning job and an author.
With such a decision as that, I felt that it was very well time for me to just simply quit-BEFORE you are being asked to. And so, after six and a half years, ladies and gentlemen, the time for me has officially come to close this chapter of my writing life-blogging-and to very well head on to my next chapter in my life, while I am about to look ahead of what would be in store for me in the future, and hopefully beyond.
Leaving one of my most favorite things of all time, blogging, has got to be as sad as anything that I have ever endured in my life; However, it has taught me how to have more creative freedom, and how to show the people what I can do in terms of writing and doing whatever kind of artwork that I do, be it cartooning or a painting or drawing or two. Indeed, with blogging, I have honed my skills so incredibly well, and now I am officially ready to enter into a brand-new door.

     But, as I am about to say goodbye, I would not want to ever do so without thanking the following people who have helped make my blogging journey possible…
First and foremost of all, I would very much like to thank all of you bloggers and blog followers out there, as well as the readers and others who have visited my blog for the past 6 ½ years; I could not have made this blog the success it has been today without all of you, and I do not think that it would ever be a success without all of you. I am so very grateful for all the love and support that you have given me over those years (as well as a lot of likes!), and I am hoping that I will remember every one of you in the years to come, long after my time at WordPress is done.
And I would also like to thank my closest followers, those who have become something of huge fans of KALEIDOSCOPE; You guys have surely taken the cake when it came to liking each and every pist, er, post, that I publish…(thankfully, this shall be the very last time that I make this kind of mistake!) I am definitely going to miss every single one of you guys, while I shall always remember the kindness that you have brought to me.

And finally, I am saving the very best for the very last: I offer my very final thank you to the most important, but most very special family that has helped me throughout my blog-posting journey, from beginning, middle, and end: The family that is known as WordPress; To all of the talented men and women who have helped me build the blog that has shaped me into the writer that I am today, I say this: I cannot thank you guys enough for teaching me all there is to know about the joys of blogging. You guys have helped me a lot in all of those 6-1/2 years, from the writing prompts to knowing how to work the Community Pool (before it itself shut down last year), to learning the difference between quality and quantity, you guys have helped me through it all in those years, and I could think of no other special people to thank for all of the years that you have helped me and for all of the hard work that you do than all of you, the entire WordPress family. I am hoping that someday, if and when I become a successful author, then I shall have all of you to think of. WordPress, you have made me so very happy. Thank you all so much for helping me bring happiness to others who so desperately need it in these trying times.
“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the LORD. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.’” (Jeremiah 29:11, NLT)
And so, with that, I say this: To all in which I have already mentioned, all of you have been wonderful to me in the past 6 ½ years, and as I am about to begin a new chapter in my life, I shall always remember you inside my heart. Until we meet again: Goodbye, farewell…and thank you all so very much.

With love, Jenn W.


Today is the day I kiss yesterday goodbye and leave to head off into the future; but as I leave, here is what I shall leave behind…

I shall leave behind the memories of the fun that I had with them and all of the wonderfully exciting joy that came along with it…

I shall leave behind reminders of what our friendship had meant to us and how they have been so very gracious to me…I shall leave behind many a lasting memory of all of the things that has made my friends so very happy…

And finally, when I leave and say goodbye, I shall leave behind the satisfaction of knowing that I have done as much as I possibly can to provide them something to read and enjoy.

And now, here is what shall be placed in front of me: A future in which it would allow me to focus on what should be really important: A job in which it pays me good and would allow me to live on my own and hopefully live a much better life. I shall also have my other future in front of me, and that would be writing and illustrating books, as well as e-books.

I am as much a happy woman now as it is then; Therefore, I exit the past, and enter the future.

Thank You So Very Much, WordPress…

(Zentangle(R)-inspired illustration by yours truly…)

     Well, this happens to be the final week for me as a blogger, but not just any blogger, but a blogger for the company that has got me started on my journey into this world of blogging in the first place that has helped me to grow into the writer that I am today; That company in which I am about to mention right now I none other than WordPress…
WordPress was launched on May 27th, 2003, which means that this company is now 16 years strong! WordPress was founded by two incredible men by the name of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little; and if you want to know what WordPress is, it happens to be a factory that makes webpages, while it is a core analogy that is designed to clarify what WordPress is as well as does.

     The users who have been using WordPress for years, including myself, install and switch among different themes, in which allows users to change the look and functionality of their own WordPress site without altering the code or site content. At least one theme is to be present at every WordPress site, and each and every theme must be designed using the standards of WordPress with structured PHP, valid HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

     WordPress got its start in 2003 as a joint effort between Mullenweg and Little, as a way to create a fork of b2; a friend of Mullenweg’s that goes by the name of Christine Selleck Tremoulet suggested the name that would become and would still be in use today: WordPress.

     There happens to be a lot more to cover about this great web-and-blog-hosting company than what this post could ever will, so may I suggest that you go to and just look up “WordPress”. Meanwhile, I am so very grateful to this fine company who has helped get me started on expressing myself through my own written words and artwork; but alas, all good things have to come to an end sometime, and my time at WordPress shall be coming to an end this Friday, June 14th. Those of you who have been following my blog just now would very much like to hear this news again: Back in March, I made the announcement that I would be shutting down my blog for good and leaving WordPress after 6 ½ years to shift my focus on my food service job as well as me being an author this month, which the date is, again, June 14th. And then afterward, I shall take down everything on this blog on June 30th and then remove everything else for good.

     I wish with all of my heart and soul that I would continue blogging forever; but the truth of the matter is, there are things in this life that are more important than blogging, and that happens to be my food service job at Sodexo at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, DE, and that job has brought me good money. Plus, my creative well has run dry, blog post-wise, and I feel that I should now put my main focus on my food service job as well as me being an author.

     But make no mistake: I have enjoyed blogging right from the very start at my blog’s launch, right on until the end. It will be ever so sad to say goodbye to blogging, but I have to put important things in front of me now, and therefore, I must put my concentration on those two important things, while I would also be putting my focus on one other important thing: My family.

     Well, the reason for that is this: My relationship with my family just isn’t what it used to be when they brought me in back in 2011; but ever since that time, my relationship with them has been having us drift further apart, I think, but not only that, they just do not want to talk fully about what is going on with them, with their emotions, etc. But in spite of this, I have not given up on trying to get through to my family, so before I make plans to move away, I am going to keep on trying.

     Anyway, I am happy and glad to have a company as wonderful as WordPress to help me shape into an artist that I am today, and artist who has a way with words; I shall thank them fully in my final post on Friday.



Throughout the past few weeks, I have been sharing with you things that I have written and published at this blog for the past 6-½ years that I have been at WordPress…

    Things such as food and dessert ideas, essays, and humor; However, I have written and published other special things as well that are not really regular features, and those specials that I do are those kinds of things that make my readers look forward to what they would be expecting, and I think I’ve had the pleasure of publishing such wonderful things just as much as all of you readers have had the pleasure of reading them.

    Now, when was the last time you have enjoyed a fashion design gallery? Or perhaps the Pool Parade that I have done? Or maybe you were excited for the fact that my very first story serial extravaganza, “A Girl Named Cinderella”, was coming your way, as well as other story serial specials that have premiered on this blog?

Or maybe you have been looking forward to the traditional Christmas stories that I have presented throughout the past 6-½ years that I have been blogging with WordPress, Christmas tales such as The Night Before Christmas or Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus? Or maybe, just maybe, you had been looking forward to my years in review, or maybe even a theme week or two, theme weeks that cover things such as cartoon characters and easy listening…

    Well, whatever specials that I have presented over those years, I’m sure that they have brought a warm glow to your heart as well as the fact that it has brought you fun and excitement over the years; But now, the fun and excitement of the one thing that I have enjoyed over the years, blogging, is coming to an end on June 14th, when I publish my very special final post at this blog, which is KALEIDOSCOPE, and close this blog for good after 6-½ years. But as I am about to leave, I know that I shall be leaving you with many a wonderful memory of all of the fun that you have had whenever I write and publish a special.

    And that, for me, makes my heart so very special.

YouTubin’ With You at KALEIDOSCOPE…


 After next Friday, there shall be no more KALEIDOSCOPE after 6-½ years, and I am pretty much sure that you who have been visiting my blog for that length of time shall very well be left with only memories of what this blog once was…

  Here happens to be one memory that I would like to share with you…during my six-and-a-half years at my blog, I have shared videos of old and current cartoons as well as classic commercials directly from that video sharing site that is known as YouTube. And BTW, if you would like to check out any old, classic video on YouTube once my blog has officially closed down, then may I very well suggest that you pay a visit to YouTube at

  Meanwhile, getting back to my memories of sharing all kinds of good stuff from YouTube on my blog, I would just like to say I have had quite a ball of sharing such kinds of wonderful videos from that site, things that happen to include classic commercials and old and new cartoons.

 In fact, I had once started to share old cartoons and TV commercials from YouTube beginning every Tuesday; but then, I had begun to share those YouTube videos every Friday, and the reason for that is because of the fact that the DC Superhero Girls have debuted on the site. Now, at first, when the girls were introduced, they were sort of the equivalent to any Disney princess out there; But then, the girls, as well as the show’s format, have changed, and then it started to look more like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The villains who were supposed to be heroes in the original version have now been changed to just plain baddies, and the heroines have now focused on just fighting crime and school work, rather than focusing on their powers and working something to solve those problems relating to their powers.

  And that is not all: In most episodes of the new version of the series, they have also put the focus on the male superheroes, and not just the girls themselves. All in all, I really do not want to say this, but this version of the DC Superhero Girls is just isn’t what the old version of the DC Superhero Girls used to be.

  On the other side of the coin, YouTube offers nostalgics such as myself a chance to look at those classic commercial that we might have missed all of those years ago, while it also gives me the chance to use that video site to share those classic commercials with those of you who are waiting to see what kind of old commercial I have to present to you…

And so, in closing, what you have just seen shall be the very last time I share something on YouTube with all of you; It has been an honor as well as a pleasure to share such wonderfully cool things with each and every one of you bloggers and blog followers out there who have just wanted to have something that would make every one of you smile. Come next Friday, after I publish my final post, the only way that you can see classic cartoons and commercials are at YouTube itself, and you can check this site anytime at