Now That You’ve Known About Cheesecake, Try Some Cheesecake Ideas!

What you have just read is a nice, little history that explains all about one of America’s most delectable desserts of our time; Now, here is your chance to try some cheesecake for yourself, as in, dessert ideas for such a yummy dessert!
Through the courtesy of that ever-so-full-of-ideas website, Pinterest(, yours truly has carefully selected these yummy ideas of cheesecake featuring some of the most sweetest of flavors, and here they are…

This happens to be a chocolate cheesecake, but it has the name of a British candy company, the same one that makes Cream Eggs, I think; Nevertheless, this dessert is just as chocolaty: Cadbury Chocolate Cheesecake!
Here happens to be just the most heavenly caramel & chocolate chip cheesecake that you have ever tasted…
Could anything be just as ever-so-romantic as Red Velvet? One of the most time-honored flavors has now been transferred into a cheesecake, as in: Red Velvet Cheesecake!
For anyone who has ever been a fan of the Oreo cookie (as well as those who are fans of the cheesecake), here is a mash-up dessert that they would really enjoy, a perfect finish for any kind of dinner, be it pizza or otherwise: Oreo Fudge Cheesecake!


CHEESY, BUT SWEET: A History of The Cheesecake


There are so many popular desserts in America today; Among those is a certain cake that consists of one or more layers (would a thousand layers be too much?!?)-That time-honored dessert is called the cheesecake.
     Now, the cheesecake is a cake that is made of soft cheese, but mostly the soft cheese happens to be cream cheese or ricotta, and that would make the thickest and main layer of the cake; The rest of the ingredients are sugar as well as eggs. As for the bottom layer, it is often a crust or a base made from crushed cookies or even graham crackers. The cheesecake is sweetened with sugar, as usual, and in so many different ways, the cake can be flavored…(Although I do not have any assurance that contaminated city water could be a flavor); The cheesecake may be flavored in all kinds of flavors, from vanilla to chocolate to lemon to pumpkin. The finished cake can also be topped with whipped cream, nuts, chocolate syrup, or fruit.
     Now, as for the wondering of how the cheesecake came to be, well…there is a little fact that the ancient Greeks have made cheesecake a popular dish in ancient times, which happens to be prior to when the Romans adopted their version of it when they conquested Greece. As for the name of cheesecake itself, it had only been used since the 15th century, but it is not until around the 18th century that the word of cheesecake would evolve into its modern form; It was in that time, I think, that the Europeans began to remove yeast to the cheesecake and have just added eggs to the cake instead.

In 1872, there came the development of modern commercial American cream cheese; It happened when a Chester, New York man by the name of William Lawrence was looking for a way to recreate the soft, French cheese Neufchatel, and then accidentally came up with a way of making something of a cheese that is creamier and heavier, which happens to be an “unripened cheese”. Now, there happen to be two different types of the modern cheesecake: There is the baked cheesecake, while other cheesecakes are made with uncooked cream cheese on a crumbled-biscuit base; the United States was where this type of cheesecake was invented.
     For us who are living in the good ‘ol United States of America, the cheesecake is made from several different recipes; However, there happen to be two types of cheesecakes that are made right here, and they are the New York-style cheesecake, and the Chicago-style cheesecake.
     And so, that is how the cheesecake came to be, so go ahead and enjoy one-Just make sure you try and watch your weight…(I’m kidding, of course…)

Sweet-Ful Springtime Lemon-Lime Ideas!

 Come March 20th, the season that is ever-so-beautifully known as spring shall very well be here; There happen to be so many things that symbolize the season of spring, such as the daffodil and the singing bird, but can you imagine the lemon? Yes, the lemon happens to be one of the symbols of spring as well, but not only that, I am thinking that the lime is joining along with the lemon on the springtime fun!
With that said, the lemon and the lime are the citrus fruits that just so goes together; When it comes to making springtime desserts, there is something magical about those flavors. I have carefully selected a few of those dessert ideas that are flavored with lemon and lime, and somehow both! They are all through the courtesy of Pinterest (

Like I said, the lemon is a citrus fruit, but whoever said they could also be great in a candy dish, too? Well, make the lemon slices candy, dip some white chocolate, and you’ve got: White Chocolate Candied Lemon!
Cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but there happens to be one cake that’s as buttery as it is ever-so-fruity, ‘cause it’s got lime flavored with it: Key Lime Butter Cake!
Almost everybody just LOVES lemon pie (and who doesn’t?!), but it’s even more heavenly then this pie idea is topped with white chocolate!
Now, if this delectable treat isn’t called a lemon-lime layer cake, then what is?!?
And lastly (but not leastly), here is a yummingly scrumptious bar idea that’s as gooey as any dessert, and do you know what else?! It’s chock-full of lemon goodness: Lemon White Chocolate Gooey Bars!




Couldn’t it get any greener (or mintier) than this?! (Background art by yours truly!)

      Since its founding in 1955, McDonald’s has been serving its very best, from the Big Mac to the Happy Meal to even the Egg McMuffin; Of course, there are other products that have deserved a better fate, such as that Hula Burger, which, instead of a beef patty, there happens to be a pineapple slice instead…BLEAH!!!
However, one of those products that McDonald’s puts out has indeed stood the test of time, and one does not need to go searching for that pot of gold at the end of any rainbow to look for this one: It is the Shamrock Shake, put out every year in March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day; The Shamrock Shake is a dessert of a green mint-flavored milkshake that Mickey D’s sold at its select restaurants; It had first got its start way back in 1970, and that was when the shake was first created by a Chicago-based company called Rogers Merchandising.
At first, the Shamrock Shake was a lemon/lime flavored one, which consists of vanilla ice cream, lemon/lime sherbet, and vanilla syrup. (YOW! That may be twice as worse as that Hula Burger!) But three years later, it became merely a green-colored vanilla shake, eliminating lemon/lime altogether; The flavor of the shake is now a nice, refreshing mint.

 During the 1980s after the Shamrock Shake was introduced, in order to market them, McDonald’s used a character named Uncle O’ Grimacey, who happens to be a green version of the Grimace character who comes to visit McDonaldland every March; He has since been phased out from the company’s mascot lineup. (Perhaps due to the fact that kids were obese and that this character had somehow set a bad example for children who are trying to eat healthy? In the words of Bugs Bunny, “Eh, could be…”)
Meanwhile, McDonald’s have tried to capitalize on the marketing of the Shamrock Shake by introducing the Shamrock Sundae, which consisted of vanilla ice cream with mint green shamrock syrup, but due to poor sales that product had been discontinued.
However, Mickey D’s has since introduced variants of this popular St. Patrick’s Day dessert, such as the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, the Chocolate Shamrock Shake, the Shamrock Hot Chocolate, and of course, the Shamrock Mocha. Bet they sound more delicious than that, uh, Hula Burger…BLEAH!!!

Ain’t No Blarney, Bub-St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas!

Well, here we are in the month of March, and do you know what that means? It is time for that annual wearin-of-some-kind-of-green-or-whatever-Yup, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, my friends, a legal holiday that celebrates Irish culture as well as the Irish itself; But this holiday also honors a certain man by the name of St. Patrick, as well as the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.
     Among the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day are wearing shamrocks, wearing green, and drinkin’ every single Irish booze that one could ever think of (I mean no offense to al-key-hol drinkers everywhere)…In places such as Chicago, for example, the city’s famed Chicago is dyed green…

But you do not have to travel neither near or far to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day; You can celebrate this most festive holiday from the comfort of your own home by planning a party or a get-together. And what would go great with Irish foods for St. Paddy’s Day? Some yummy desserts, of course! Yours truly has personally selected these enchantingly good ideas for you to create the most green-full desserts for that luckiest of holidays…

Only a true leprechaun would appreciate this magical dessert delight, a variation on a certain classic candy: Shamrock Bark!
SWT GRN_20190302091158104.jpg
Serve these cake balls for St. Patrick’s Day get-together this year: They are Shamrock Cake Balls!
SWT GRN_20190302091343428.jpg
Or how about something special for a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast? Rainbow Waffles should do the trick!
SWT GRN_20190302091529871.jpg
And lastly (but not least-ly), no delicious donut idea would be as greener as these: Green Donuts! (The Zentangle(R)-inspired background frame art for this post was by yours truly!)






 I might want to remind something to you folks before I should ever forget: Mardi Gras is coming up in a few weeks, on Tuesday, March 5th; Over in New Orleans, it is observed as the final celebration before Ash Wednesday, March 6th, observed as the Christian season of Lent. Mardi Gras happens to be a French word meaning “Fat Tuesday”, so it makes sense to eat a whole lot of pancakes before Lent! (just kidding…)
However, besides pancakes, there is a dessert that also happens to be served at breakfast, and if you want to have this kind of dessert, you need to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana to enjoy something as worthwhile as a beignet. A beignet is as just as special to New Orleans as anything they got in the Crescent City; I think it is translated from a French word meaning “bump”. A beignet is a treat that is made from fried dough, but they can also be made from other types of dough such as yeast.
The beignets are as much a tradition to New Orleans as Mardi Gras, but the tradition of this food goes back further, to the time of Ancient Rome, as well as other cultures who have adapted their own methods of making the pastry. Here in the United States, the beignet in the French style has quite the specific meaning of deep-fried choux pastry; Beignets can sometimes be filled with fruit, cream, or even jam.

The most commonly known breakfast that is served in New Orleans is of course, beignets-They are prepared traditionally right before consumption, and that they must be enjoyed fresh and hot; The beignet has been popular within the ranks of Creole cuisine in New Orleans and that they have and still are served customarily as a dessert, or even in some sweet variation.
In the 18th century, the beignet has been brought to New Orleans, Lo., by the French colonists, direct from “the old mother country”; Today, restaurants such as the popular New Orleans food destination the Café du Monde have started popularizing beignets, and in 1986, they were declared the official state donut of Louisiana.
Now, to prepare for a beignet, one must have these ingredients: Lukewarm water, granulated sugar, evaporated milk, bread flour, shortening, and for deep-frying, one should have either oil or lard and the final ingredient happens to be confectioner’s sugar.

     Even if you cannot make it to New Orleans, then you can celebrate Mardi Gras from the comfort of your own home by making a beignet of your very own; The recipe is right here!