Celebrate Peanut Butter Day With The Most Delicious Dessert Ideas!

peanut butter GIF
Nothing could be ever so yummier than this…

Ahh, peanut butter, America’s most favorite health food-What could be more deliciously pleasing than that? After all, it just happens to be the most healthiest food out there, and if it had not been for a man by the name of John Harvey Kellogg, we would not have such a thing as peanut butter today, right? Way back in 1898, rather than roasting peanuts, he boiled them, and then somehow it became peanut butter, in which the Kellogg’s Western Health Reform Institute served this wonderful food paste to patients, simply because they needed a food that has a lot of protein, and peanut butter has got a LOT of protein…
Peanut butter has been spread on bread, crackers, and toast, but it has also been used in a number of other things, such as smoothies, cookies, granola, breakfast dishes, and, in these following images in which I have selected through Pinterest (www.pinterest.com), these lovely dessert ideas…

You can forget about chocolate brownies for a while, and just dig your teeth into something even more succulent-Peanut Butter Blondies!
Remember going to the lunchroom at school and see any dessert that you could ever find, as well as other such foods? Well, this idea should bring back memories: Lunchroom Peanut Butter Bars!
Wow, this is about as ultimate as one could get: A rich, succulent peanut butter cookie, with a rich peanut butter butterscotch cream in the center!
And finally…Here is one peanut butter experience that one would fully appreciate: Peanut butter sandwiched between two Ritz crackers and dipped in rich, succulent chocolate-Heavenly, I might add!



Get The Most Out of Turtle Desserts With These Yummy Ideas!

Mostly everyone knows by now what a turtle exactly is: It’s a confection that is made with pecans topped with caramel and dipped in chocolate with a shape that resembles a turtle; The candy was developed and made its debut in 1918 by Johnson’s Candy Company, which would later become DeMet’s Candy Company. They were born after a salesman came into the commissary’s dipping room and showed a candy to one of the dippers, who pointed out that the candy looked like a turtle…
A little over 100 years after the candy’s debut, Turtles are sold in all shapes, sizes, and recipes, but there happens to be only one original, and they happen to be produced by candy dippers on a rectangular marble ‘board’, which is similar in size to a contemporary kitchen cutting board. The original confection consists of pecans, caramel, and various chocolates; Not only that, they happen to be a multi-task confection, which requires several sittings.
Yes, I know that we are a few days into the brand-new year of 2019, and that you have been trying to start making those resolutions to lose weight, but it is OK to indulge in something sweet once in a while; And one of the best treats to indulge right now is the Turtle, and right now, there are yummy dessert ideas based on that time-honored candy, and yours truly has selected some of those through the courtesy of Pinterest for you to enjoy…

There is nothing quite yummy than having a square cookie for dessert, but even more sumptuous is this: Toffee Turtle Squares!
Oh, everyone just loves, loves, LOVES caramels, but even better is this dessert paradise: Chocolate Chip Pecan Caramels!
Thumbprint cookies are a most popular treat next to chocolate chip and sugar cookies; But add caramel, pecans, and drizzled chocolate on top, and whaddya get?! Salted Caramel Turtle Thumbprint Cookies!
And lastly (but not leastly), here is hoping that something, ANYTHING, would make cupcakes popular again; In the meantime, those Turtle Cupcakes just might as well be a huge after-dinner treat!