Get Set for Fun Over the Airwaves Soon… (Podcast Airwaves, that is!)


I am betting that most of you bloggers and blog followers out there have not heard what I have done this past year, so here it is once more: Last year, I have started my very own podcast that is based on this here blog, and it is called KALEIDOSCOPE Time; This podcast can be heard over at that wonderful podcast website, and if you want to take a listen to the first season of my podcast, then please head on over to But here is the best thing: Not only is this podcast heard over on as well as the app (oh, and may I suggest that you listen to my podcast when you download the app, please?), but KALEIDOSCOPE Time can also be heard on other platforms such as Google Play Music and Stitcher! Isn’t that a wonderfully cool thing for me to have people hear my cute, widdle voice?!
And now, here is the best news in which I share with all of you now: Beginning March 15th, a brand-new season of KALEIDOSCOPE Time shall begin over at! Yes, soon, you shall be hearing a brand-new season of all of the fun and excitement that this most COLORFUL podcast on the planet can ever bring to you, and this season is going to be just as fun as ever, because in this upcoming new season, each new episode of KALEIDOSCOPE Time is going to have a theme, and you would surely be surprised at what kind of theme that yours truly should bring to the table!
So it is with that that I suggest that all of you bloggers, blog followers, and all of you podcast listeners out there mark all your calendars for Friday, March 15th, when yours truly shall begin a wonderfully wonderful new season of that most COLORFUL podcast on the planet, based on this here most COLORFUL blog on the planet, KALEIDOSCOPE Time!

    Until that certain time, if you missed any of the 13 episodes of the brand-new season, you can catch up on all of them by going to; Or you can listen to my podcast at the app, in which you can download for free at either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store! Oh, and you can also listen to my podcast over at other great platforms such as Google Play Music and Stitcher!
I hope that you folks are ready for a rainbow of fun on March 15th when yours truly starts a brand-new season of KALEIDOSCOPE Time, over at!



I love to do what I do almost every day, and that is to write on my blog, as well as my other blogs and writing for the advertisements for a Facebook page that I do (I’ll show you how you can reach them in the near future); As you are reading this right this very minute, I am preparing a script for the very first episode of the second season of my podcast, KALEIDOSCOPE Time, which happens to be based on this very blog that you folks are reading right now. If you would like to take a listen to the very first season of my podcast, then please go to

Anyway, getting back to doing what I love the very best, and that’s writing, it seems that while I am planning to do the planning as well as writing, something always gets in my way that throws all of my plans off kilter-most recently among them was this cold that I just had; I am very happy to report that I have fully recovered from my cold, but wait a minute, that is not all: I had also suffered from a brief migraine, but I am quite guessing that that quick migraine might not be one at all: It was probably just a brief headache that might have something to do with the fact that it is just my allergies…

But all in all, I am feeling quite better, and now here is this: It is just a month ago since this new year began, and already I have been mapping out the things that I want to write and draw, but already my uncle is pestering me to arrange my room again! I have already torn my room apart as well as re-arranging it, but now my uncle is telling me that they are planning to buy a bed for me, because the old one is about to show its age (I do not know exactly why). Nevertheless, plans are being made to I think tear my room apart yet again, and to replace my old bed with a new one…Aw, man, when shall I ever find the time to have any time to write and do art?!

Of course, I have to do my taxes, because that is the most important thing to do for me, since I now have a job; I cannot ever ignore something as important as this one…