A Pal Such as Svengoolie…

Stay wacky, you ghoul you!

Today happens to be the birthday of a dear, sweet friend of mine, and I for one am so very lucky enough to have such a friend as him; Although his real name is Rich Koz, he also happens to go by a certain stage name, one by the name of Svengoolie…

   Now I have addressed to all of you bloggers and blog followers out there of the story of that wacky horror host many times(however, you can check out his bio at Wikipedia right here) Today, his birthday, I just wanted to tell you how special this incredible man is; To tell you the honest truth, he is the most special human being that the Lord God has put on this Earth; There is no one else like him, and I certainly do not think that there would ever be another like him ever again.

   When Svengoolie and I found out that game show host Alex Trebek has pancreatic cancer, he tweeted to him, telling him to keep on fighting and to stay the champion; That just shows you how caring a soul he really is; Throughout his 40-year career, he has used his heart to help others who are less fortunate than him-He may be a video vampire, but he has got a heart that is made of gold!

   And do you want to know something else? His talent has inspired me to use my talents to make people happy, and that happens to be something that I have done for the past 6-1/2 years with my blog, KALEIDOSCOPE; And now that I am getting ready to say goodbye to blogging and WordPress in June while Svengoolie himself is getting ready to celebrate 40 years of his career in that very same month, I think that it is good to say that we have finally done our jobs to the very best of our abilities.

   A very happy and blessed birthday 🎂 to you my dear, sweet friend, Svengoolie; and thank you also for teaching me how to and to use my talents to make each and every person from all walks of life smile.