The other day I had been riding, as well as walking, around the capital of the first state, Dover, Delaware, and one such as myself would not ever believe what she has seen that day…Something tells me that Dover, Delaware is vanishing, and may be vanishing fast, in terms of the businesses that have been in business there…

     First, there was one of the three Rite Aids that were now closing, and for what, only a true business genius knows; In my last post, I had stated that there were two Rite Aids, but there was a mistake-There happen to be THREE Rite Aid here in Dover, and now one of them, which happens to be located in a place where Kohl’s and A.C. Moore’s is, is closing its doors for good, and according to one of the signs that were placed there, almost everything in the store would be, I think, 50% to 60% off. Now, if that could not be a sign that something is changing, then what is? (you can see for yourself in my Photo of the Day right here…)

     Later on, I went to the Dover Mall that is located in the first state’s capital; Now, that Sears store that has always been a part of the mall for I think years (as well as the place where I think it is the most secret passageway to the outdoors), has already closed its doors for good. And now, there is this sight that another part of the mall shall also be packing its things and closing it’s doors for good-It’s the Things Remembered booth in which I had always passed on by, as well as the fact that this booth had somehow always made me curious to purchase a gift that’s engraved. Unfortunately, I shall not have that chance now, because that booth shall not be around for very much longer.

Those sights of the two businesses that are closing come as no such surprise to me: Yes, there is much speculation that the current online boom is causing brick-and-mortar businesses to go bust, but there happens to be so much more than that: Not very long ago, I had written and published a post that shows you readers that Dover, Delaware may be vanishing, and if something is not done soon to restore Dover to its former glory as well as bring more people into this city, then the work isn’t worth anything.

     It is about time that we should try and do all we can to restore Dover and hopefully try to make it into the city that every man, woman, and child would want to visit. It is our hope and prayer that our elected officials do so.



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Cough, Cough, Cough…

You know, you try and simply manage your job, as well as your writing, art and such, and then numerous pressures mount, such as the fact that I am doing my taxes for the very first time, and it all becomes a cauldron of stress so bad enough that one such as myself begins to…(COUGHS) See what I mean?

While I was at work this past week, on a Friday, I began to have coughing spells; And then, on Saturday morning, I took a shower, and then afterwards I put vapor rub on my chin to see if it would help with the coughing. All of a sudden, I continued coughing, which can only mean one thing: I might be getting that common cold!

An I think I know exactly just what that feeling reminds me of: Back in 2016, when my family and I first moved to Felton, Delaware, I had gotten sick with this common cold, not once, not twice, but FOUR stinkin’ times! Can you imagine that?! Four times I had been struck with the common cold…

Now, last year I did not had any multiple common colds, I think mainly it’s because I had been doing some relaxing and hobbies before I had taken on my job as a food service cleaner; But in the here and now, I have this common cold, but somehow, I think that it is going away, which I think the reason is that I have been taking medicine for it. But a cold just does not ever go away overnight: They say that it takes 7 to 10 days to get rid of a cold, so with that, I am going to take this a little at a time…And yes, I still have to go to work, ’cause after all, I need the money so that I could have my own place to live in, as well as other important things…

I’ll just have to cover my mouth when I cough and/or sneeze…

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