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Over the past 6-½ years, I have written many an essay about things such as holidays and whatnot; Among the holidays in which I have written essays about is Mother’s Day, a day that honors all mothers, as well as families with aunts and uncles that are like mother’s to them; I have an aunt who had suddenly become like a mother following the death of my stepfather back in 2011; But in later years, I think that she became too busy in her own job while thinking about her future to concentrate on me, but I have managed to do things on my own. Nevertheless, I appreciate my aunt for being like a mom to me…

  And yes, in case you are wondering, I had a mother; from the time I was born until she unfortunately passed away in 2004, during the time when I was living in Philadelphia, my mother had done all that she ever could in trying to take good care of me, but unfortunately, she had her own demons inside-She was an alcoholic as well as being addicted to a drug called Ativan. Since my mom’s death, I have tried as hard as I ever could to not ever follow the ways that my mother has: Her alcoholism and her somehow uncontrollable screaming, that is due to the fact that she was also mentally ill, as well as having been a lupus victim. I have tried to not follow those ways as very best as I can, and so far, I am doing a pretty good job, but only it is due to the help of the Lord God.

  Since the passing of my mother, I have tried to honor Mother’s Day by sending cards to my aunt and sister-in-law; But for me, I don’t think that Mother’s Day would have any effect on me because of the passing of my mother. I miss my mom every single day, while I try to get on with my life as very much as I can…

Since this happens to be the very last Mother’s Day essay that I shall ever write for this here blog before I close it down on June 14th, I would like to say this to each and every mom out there; It isn’t much, but it comes from the heart: I myself, as well as the rest of this great country of ours, are very proud of all the work that you do as mothers. You sacrifice your time and effort each and every day to love, help, and care for the families that you love the very most. And for this, we are so very grateful for the work that you do. Thank you, moms, and a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day to each and every one of you. God bless you all.

ALL THE SWEETEST: Dessert Ideas for Mother’s Day!

     Mothers are very special people-After all, she happens to be the one who has brought us into this old world and has raised us to be the people that she wants us to be; Not only that the mother enjoys being a mom, but she is also a great teacher, a great counselor, and a great friend, not to mention a great pesterer…(Ok, ok, I made that last part up, I’m just kidding…)
But with the fact that the mother is a very special lady, it was about time that someone created a holiday just for her, and it was with that that Mother’s Day had been born-In fact, it falls this year on Sunday, May 12th! So, what better way to honor your mother than to take her out to dinner, or better yet, MAKE dinner; But when you make dinner, do not ever forget to add something sweet to this sweet day: DESSERT!
So with that, the good folks over at that ever-so-full-of-ideas website, Pinterest, has a slew of dessert ideas that would make this Mother’s Day very special; Yours truly has selected some of them for you to try out…

Lollipops are very nice, but what could be ever-so-nicer than these rose pops made with pink vanilla fondant?!
Strawberries are a mom’s best friend; Here is an enchanting idea that would make any mom smile: Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry Bites!
Speaking of strawberry cheesecake, what could be more delectable than putting this wonderful flavor on mom’s most favorite breakfast treat? The result? Strawberry Cheesecake Breakfast Rolls!
And lastly (but not least-ly), I know that some of you out there have a mom who just loves, loves, loves donuts; So it is with that that yours truly offers the most perfect idea: Lemon Donuts with pink lemonade icing! Sounds refreshingly yummy, doesn’t it?!