My Next (Possible) Vacation…


“If you could pack up and leave on vacation today, where would you be off to?” 

    Well, considering THAT kind of question, I would certainly have an answer that goes a little something like this:
Once upon a time, back in 2013, I went on my first solo vacation, and it was a special place that has been a very popular vacation spot for those who live in the tri-state area, especially Philadelphia: Wildwood, NJ, a place that has also been mentioned in a certain song by Bobby Rydell, “Wildwood Days”; I have had a great time on my first solo vacation there, riding some of the rides and even tasted their pizza, as well as relaxing on the beach…
Then, four years later, I went to Rehoboth Beach, which is located in Sussex County in Delaware; I had made a plan as to which I should do throughout my vacation week there, and I have made very good on my plans: I went to its famous Tanger Outlet Stores, then the Rehoboth Beach Museum, and the beach, among those that I had done what I had planned to do down there; Basically, I good time has been had by yours truly.

    Now, with the fact that I shall be closing down this here blog next month, it could be possible that I could finally spend the rest of my free time traveling, and if there was one place that I would very much like to travel to right now, it would be Ocean City, Maryland; At this point in time, I do not plan on going on any vacation this year, but in the next, say, six months after shutting down my blog, I would be making plans to go on vacation next summer, either to Wildwood, NJ or to Ocean City, MD, but that is going to be a long way off before I plan on making plans to go on next summer’s most exciting vacation.
A vacation is something in which creates memories that families and some people would have something to remember their most glorious time by. Life here on this great earth of ours is fragile, so the very best way for us to prove that fact is to enjoy ourselves with the very best things in life for as long as we ever can; The same can surely be said of taking summer vacations.