What is There More to Love Than Just KALEIDOSCOPE?


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I very much hope that all of you are enjoying KALEIDOSCOPE on this Valentine’s Day; But did you know that you can also visit my other online places, too?
Yes, that’s right: There is the companion blog, SWIRLING COLORS, and you can pay that a visit at http://www.itsjennw.tumblr.com. Then, there happens to be another blog that I do, and that is called The World of Jenn Webster, and it is over at Goodreads, and you can check it out right here!
And yes, in case you missed any of the news from yesterday, I made an announcement that my podcast, KALEIDOSCOPE Time, is launching a brand-new season, its second, on March 15th; You can find all of the complete details right here!

You know, folks, the most wonderful thing about Valentine’s Day is that you get to share your love of what you do with all of the world and I am so very grateful as well as blessed for having me share my talents with all of you bloggers and blog followers out there, and others who visit my blog almost every day! You have made this Valentine’s Day so very special to me, and I for one would not ever have it any other way…
A very happy and blessed Valentine’s Day to one and all, with love-JW



Well, my darlings, I am pur-ty sure guessing that there won’t be any of those cotton-pickin’ conversation heart thingies this Valentine’s Day; But take heart, my friends, things could have gotten a lot worse-Just be glad that you will not be seeing these hearts anytime soon…

Guaranteed, No-Fail Chocolate Desserts for Valentine’s Day…

Aw, man, I just simply love CHOCOLATE! It has always been a favorite flavor of mine ever since I was just a child, and I still love chocolate more even now as then! You know, there are some holidays on the calendar that would appreciate candy of all kinds, and that includes chocolate; But do you want to know the best day of all for this very popular food? Yes, that’s right, Valentine’s Day! You just simply cannot ever go wrong when one enjoys chocolate come that romantic day of the sweets…
But, do you guys want to know something else? Valentine’s Day is comin’ up very, VERY fast, which means that there is not enough time to go out and get that special something for the ones you love; But hey, why not save all the trouble and just whip up dessert instead?! And what better flavor to spice up when it comes to making desserts is none other than chocolate? Well, the good folks over at that ever-so-full of ideas website, Pinterest(www.pinterest.com), has those yummy ideas to make the most richest and chocolaty desserts, and yours truly has selected some of them-Bon Appetite, bub!

Aw, mon cheri, whatever could we say breakfast more than these delicious chocolate pancakes?!
Or how about this very special treat?! Pretzels smothered in sea salt caramel and covered with rich milk chocolate?! Hey, if that does not get the heart racing on Valentine’s Day, what will?!
Or maybe this delectable chocolate pie with caramel in the center would get hearts racing…
Hey, forget ordinary pound cake: Here happens to be the most chocolatey variation of this time-honored dessert yet!
And finally, for those of you who love that time-honored Christmas cookie, peanut blossoms, then I think that you are going to enjoy Cupid’s favorite: Double Chocolate Blossoms!