An Essay About Essays…

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     For 6 ½ years, my blog has brought to you many tales of life, in the form of essays; I have written many an essay about the many things in life, but I have also written about the holidays that people celebrate, things such as Memorial Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. And in those essays, I would tell you, the audience, straight out just how I feel about the holidays as well as how they should be celebrated.
I love writing good stuff to people-It’s the reason why I am a writer in the very first place! You get an idea, search for something to write about, and then publish it so they too can read it and enjoy; And believe me, in all of those past 6 and a half years that I have been writing and publishing for this here blog for WordPress, I have done what I think is a tremendous job of writing and then sharing such things with all of you…
Essays are a good part of what makes a writer a writer; It helps to stretch the mindful muscles that are inside of your cute, widdle brain, and once those muscles in your brain have been flexed through the power of writing, then I would be ready enough to come up with even more ideas for me to write and share with you once more.

     WordPress has been something of a school to me; That wonderful company has helped me learn how to shape my creativity as well as my talents, in which they are all honed enough for me to be ready for when I would enter the real writing world at large. The most wonderfully talented men and women who make WordPress has helped me do these things in the past 6 ½ years did as much of a wonderful job as humanly possible, and I am and always would be so very grateful to those people.
Come June 14th, I would not ever be able to create any more essays, at least for a while; and then, if and when I would start writing and publishing essays again, then I would do so in another time and place. Until then, my main focus right now would be on two things: Foodservice cleaning and me being an author.
But do you want to know something else? I have enjoyed writing essays, as well as sharing them with you all; But now, it is time to close the book on my world called the essay, and to await a brand-new set of doors that are about to be opened. I can hardly wait to enjoy this very next journey…

My Invitation to All Bloggers & Blog Followers Out There…


Yes, my friends, mark this date on all of your calendars-On Friday, June 14th, I shall be publishing my blog post(s) for the very last time after 6-1/2 years of bringing you rainbows of happiness to all of you WordPress bloggers and blog followers; As many of you have not heard by now, back in March, I have made the announcement that I will be leaving the blog-hosting site, WordPress, as well as shutting down my blog for good on the date of June 14th, and the reason for all of this is that I would very much like to concentrate on my food service cleaning job as well as my venture as an author. For those of you who have forgotten which place of business I do my food service cleaning job, it is a for a company called Sodexo at the Patterson Dining Facility at the Dover Air Force Base.
And yes, I know that it is going to be quite sad for all of you for the fact that I would not be blog-posting for all of you anymore, but the least that all of you can do is to be happy for me that I have finally got that food service cleaning job as well as the fact that I have since also become an author, and you just might be hearing from me in other places than the blog in which I am shutting down in June, KALEIDOSCOPE, in the coming days, weeks, months, and years to come.
So with that, I very much hope that all of you will join me on Friday, June 14th, for a farewell celebration that you would never forget, and do you want to know something else? You are ALL invited to come! I had the momentous pleasure of making you happy with all of the wonderfully fun stuff throughout the past 6-1/2 years, and I am hoping that you just might hear from me in other places throughout the internet. No one can do a good job like myself, the good job of making you, the audience, so very happy, and I for one am so very grateful. 


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